The IoT Webinar Series by ITSPmagazine

We live in a world enabled by and surrounded by technology. And, each day there's a new device to hit the market designed to make our lives easier, more convenient, and perhaps even healthier. As a society we snatch up these new devices as quickly as they hit the shelves and use them with open arms, unknowingly putting our privacy and safety at risk.

To help address this societal shallenge, ITSPmagazine has launched a series of thought leadership webinars designed to help individuals and organizations understand:

  • What personal information is being shared (and is required) to make our lives better through technology
  • How the IoT ecosystem is connected - from sensors to buses to devices to cloud services to data analysis systems
  • What can go wrong when security is left out of the mix during any (every) stage of the product lifecycle
  • Who's responsible to raising awareness
  • Who's responsible for protecting the privacy and safety of the consumers (people and businesses) of these devices

We Would Like to Invite You to Participate

We are currently seeking sponsoring participants to take part in one or more of these expert conversations moderated by ITSPmagazine Editor-in-Chief, Sean Martin.

By joining this conversation, you and your company will help define the Thought Leadership discussion points that we will make during the webinars, reinforce your Brand Credibility, and expand your Brand Exposure by receiving all of the benefits offered by ITSPmagazine's platform both pre- and post-event.

Our Webinar Package Includes:

  • Webinar participation with a speaking spot as a Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Various brand and thought leadership exposure within all of the magazine's web properties

  • Advertisements in the magazine's newsletter reaching 17,000+ opt-in subscribers

  • Extensive social media exposure throughout all of the magazine's social channels reaching 57,000+ followers

  • The ability to include a link to an asset of your choice for attendees to access during and after the webinar

  • A written webinar recap published on ITSPmagazine: this will be used to continue promoting the topic and the discussion well after the live webinar session has finished

  • A dedicated webinar recap email sent to the webinar registrants and audience, reminding them to read the tips/answers from the webinar and view the promoted links provided by our sponsors

  • Ongoing social activity to keep the interest and engagement levels up for those that may have missed the live webinar session

The IoT Webinar Series: Topics & Dates

IoT Devices Are A Bargain These Days. Aren't They? *

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
10:00AM PT
1:00PM ET

IoT-Enabled Device Manufacturers Are Evil Beasts. Right?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
10:00AM PT
1:00PM ET

* This webinar will be syndicated as part of BrightTALK's IoT Security Summit in June
** This
webinar will be syndicated as part of BrightTALK's Black Hat conference coverage in July


Sponsorships are available!

In addition to sponsorships, we also offer the opportunity to acquire the leads generated by each webinar with our guaranteed lead program 

  On average, ITSPmagazine expert webinars receive between 300 and 700 registrants ... sometimes more