When Ransomware Strikes Our Towns | In The News With Michael Echols and Edward Block

When Ransomware Strikes Our Towns | An In The News Dialogue With Michael Echols and Edward Block.jpeg

By Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli

- Michael Echols
, CEO, IACI International Association of Certified ISAOs and former Director, Cyber Joint Program Management Office, US Dept. of Homeland Security
- Edward Block, Practicing Attorney, Foley Gardere, and former Chief Information Security Officer, State of Texas

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Many small town and cities across the grand state of Texas have had better days. Much better days, in fact. There have been many articles highlighting the recent ransomware attacks to successfully compromise more than nearly two dozen Texan towns.

While the scope of this incident (this collection of incidents) is certainly noteworthy, Marco and I felt there was much more to this story than meets the eye.

Why was/is this happening? Are Texan cities unique in their IT and cybersecurity make-up? Is their (in)ability to defend again ransomware a specific attribute confined to their region; their state? What went wrong with reporting and information sharing? Where did some of the incident response measures fall short?

These are some of the many questions we asked our two guests — both of whom have a direct and deep understanding of these types of attacks, the readiness of this specific region, and the potential threats looking in other similar regions across the United States.

Where do we go from here?

This is one of those conversations you won’t want to miss.

Have a listen.

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