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Enterprise organizations, government departments, and other institutions, including small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) will have special, dedicated webinars to help them tackle the new GDPR regulation.

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Is GDPR really that big of a step for privacy? A conversation with Dr. Chris Pierson

After so many conversations and so much running around, Friday arrived and we decided to have one more recap chat with Dr. Chris Pierson, right before the last of the three talks he was delivering at this RSA Conference.

Chris is a globally recognized cybersecurity expert. At Binary Sun Cyber Risk Advisors he advises boards, C-Suite, and investors on cybersecurity, risk, law, and privacy. Dr. Pierson serves as a Special Government Employee on the Department of Homeland Security Data Privacy & Integrity Advisory Committee (Policy Chair) and Cybersecurity Subcommittee, and is a Distinguished Fellow of the Ponemon Institute.

It is always good to see him, and it was not the first time at this year's event, as we had invited him to moderate one of the five Expert Panels that we streamed live and recorded in San Francisco: “GDPR, Identity, And Cybersecurity”.

Following up on that conversation, we wanted to summarize what the GDPR and privacy talk felt like during RSA, and what to expect from this critical step for privacy.

I wondered if now would be the right time to apply the same privacy controls to every user around the globe and consider privacy a fundamental human right -- as it is. Unfortunately, it might not be easy as not everyone is as idealistic as me. There are economic, political, cultural and practical issues the might not make my dream come true tomorrow.

We also spoke about a related and quite alarming topic: facial recognition. This is a technology that together with other biometrics has now stepped into the cybersecurity arena - which is good - but also into other areas that might be a bit more controversial, like advertising "Minority Report" style to mass surveillance … "big brother" style.

Fascinating or scary?

Can we opt in or opt out of that? When? And how?

Are transparency, trust and education going to make the difference?

How can we take Toto and get the *%#@ back to Kansas?

This was a good conversation.

Let’s listen.

GDPR, Identity, Cybersecurity | A Follow-Up Chat with Elena Elkina from Aleada Consulting

The GDPR deadline is fast approaching, and many organizations are still unsure of what to do.

As part of our RSA 2018 coverage, ITSPmagazine has partnered with BrightTalk to produce five live panels about the InfoSec topics that are most relevant this year, and we followed up with the expert panelists for some additional thoughts.

In this episode, ITSPmagazine's Selena Templeton chats with Aleada Consulting Partner Elena Elkina about why this new regulation is so important in today’s digital lifestyle, the difficulties of enforcing it, and how an individual can ask a company to delete or transfer our data.

Jeff Bohren describes the challenges with managing identity in today’s hyper-connected world

What are the challenges with managing identity in today’s hyper-connected world? What is the role of federated identity management? How does the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact how identities are managed? Jeff Bohren, senior software architect for Optimal IDM, spends some time with ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, Sean Martin at Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas. The two explore these topics and more. Listen to find out how companies can leverage federated identities to reduce their exposure to non-compliance with GDPR and how 2FA and MFA needs to be considered as well, but in the context of each business scenario at hand.

Will the GDPR be a forcing factor for how companies operate their websites? Chris Olson explains.

GDPR will become a forcing factor for organizations to pay closer attention to how their data is collected, traded, and managed. During Black Hat USA 2017, Debra Farber, host of The Privacy Pact, talks with Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. He suggests that ultimately, GDPR will drive consumer trust in the right direction. Companies can take better control over their data ecosystem, where up to 75% of their web environment is driven by 3rd party code and services.

The societal impact of GDPR

Pravin Kothari, CEO and President of CipherCloud, and Vamshi Sriperumbudur, VP of Marketing from CipherCloud, chat with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin, providing a great overview for the pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming out of the European Union (EU). The discussion includes the positive impact this regulation will have on the EU citizens, essentially giving them back control over their own privacy -- as well as the impact it will have on business all around the world as they have to enable those controls in the applications and services and related data collection points through which they serve the EU citizens.

Alex Horan from Onapsis discusses the challenges with auditing and GDPR as it relates to ERP systems

Why is it important to audit and meet compliance for your ERP systems? Alex Horan chats with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin - during Black Hat USA 2017 - as he describes some of the requirements for meeting compliance, using the Global Data Protection Regulation as a model for purposes of discussion. What data do you have, and whose data is it? What are the requirements to protect it from unauthorized access AND what are the requirements for removal of the data when the owner of the data requests.

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