Selena Templeton

Equal Respect: Removing Roadblocks to Diversity in Infosec

A company can’t be diversified if its people aren’t diversified. This panel of five top-level women in the security industry discusses why the number of females in infosec and tech companies is actually declining, the inherent biases we all have about people, and what can be done to remove the obstacles to attract – and retain – more qualified women to this growing field.

Cybersecurity? There's No Accounting for Human Weakness

Cybersecurity only works if you actually implement it – otherwise, it’s like having a state-of-the art alarm system on your house but then leaving the bedroom window open for fresh air. Unfortunately, the weakest link in the security chain comes down to the end users.

A Women in Security Column, Because This Lack of Diversity Has to End

Enough is enough - the lack of diversity in cybersecurity needs to end. In this article, Selena introduces the new column driven by our new partnership with Chenxi Wang, as we launch our new Equal Respect column series in the new Women in Security column on IT Security Planet.

Cyber Risk Leadership: Essential Leadership Lessons from Malcolm Harkins

Malcolm Harkins, CISO at Cylance, discusses the difference between leadership and management in the InfoSec space where 95% of a company leader’s time tends to be spent on preventing negative outcomes rather than promoting positive outcomes.

Security Versus Convenience: A 1-on-1 with Chenxi Wang

Chenxi Wang, Chief Strategy Officer of Twistlock, weighs in on the risk versus benefit trade-off of sending personal information online, why no security system is safe 100% of the time, and whether Apple is being too stubborn or the FBI is being too “Big Brothery” when it comes to privacy versus security. 

5 Women in Security Who Are Changing the InfoSec Industry

Are you a woman in tech? If so, you're one of only a few in the women to make up a mere 10% of the InfoSec workforce. For the 3rd year in a row, ISSA-LA hosted one of the most sought-after sessions: the Women In Security panel, which featured five women from a diverse selection of backgrounds.