Connie McLellan

What To Expect At Black Hat USA 2016 | Women in Cybersecurity Briefings and Trainings

Previously, we brought you details of the Mobility, Microsoft, IoT and AppSec Briefings taking place at this year’s Black Hat 2016 event in Las Vegas.  We've even given you a Top 10 list to help narrow things down a bit. Now comes the training and briefings from the woman’s point of view; Women in Cybersecurity takes the showcase stage here on IT Security Planet.     

Twitter Profiles for 14 Groups Supporting Women in Technology and Cybersecurity

Enclosed in this slideshow is a list of the Top 14 Twitter pages devoted to women in the fields of technology and cybersecurity. These groups generally help women connect with, learn from, and support each other throughout their career growth journey. If you wish to improve your skills, change your job, or pursue a new career in the InfoSec world, then these are the Twitter profiles for you to follow and support. 

Gender Equality in Cybersecurity: SciFi or Reality?

My project was to research women in technology and cybersecurity; associations providing networking, development and educational opportunities as well as prominent female speakers. Women in technology declines while the career opportunities soar largely due to obsolete stereotypes, gender bias and condescending sexism.