What to Expect at Black Hat USA 2016 | Microsoft Briefings

First we brought you details of the Mobility Briefings taking place at this year’s event. Another big area of focus, given most organizations use Microsoft technologies to operate their business, is Windows and other Microsoft products and technologies. These sessions are surely a must for many and warrant being highlighted as part of such a prestigious conference.

The Black Hat Briefings cover other topics including critical infrastructure security; enterprise systems and datacenter technologies; vulnerabilities targeting nearly every platform, operating system, and device imaginable; and the latest in research and development—chances are, there’s something here you haven’t thought about yet.

The carefully-selected presenters will speak candidly about Microsoft Security, among other topics, outlining problems affecting, and solutions available for, threats faced by the public and private sectors.

In Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the AntiMalware Scan Interface (AMSI) which is designed to target script-based attacks and malware. Has Microsoft finally killed script-based attacks? What are the ways out? Theses scheduled briefings will be full of live demonstrations to assist us in getting the answer to these questions.

Listed below are some of the Microsoft Briefings Scheduled for Black Hat USA 2016

This year promises to be even more successful than years passed. Black Hat continues to prove itself as an industry leader and InfoSec conqueror. There is a wide and varied menu of sessions for all corners of the Security world. For a full list of briefings and scheduling please visit https://www.blackhat.com/us-16/briefings/schedule/index.html

We look forward to seeing you all there. For registration please visit https://www.blackhat.com/us-16/registration.html

Of course, stay tuned to IT Security Planet’s Black Hat USA 2016 Coverage Page for the latest news, press, and photos from the event.