What To Expect At Black Hat USA 2016 | Women in Cybersecurity Briefings and Trainings

By Connie McLellan

Previously, we brought you details of the MobilityMicrosoftIoT and AppSec Briefings taking place at this year’s Black Hat 2016 event in Las Vegas.  We've even given you a Top 10 list to help narrow things down a bit. Now comes the training and briefings from the woman’s point of view; Women in Cybersecurity takes the showcase stage here on IT Security Planet.

It saddens us that female attendance is sparse at technology events, even more so in Las Vegas, due to sexist behavior:  Female Hackers Still Face Harassment at Conferences.  One of the good guys, despite his black hat; Steve Wylie, general manager for Black Hat, said in an emailed statement that, “The sexual objectification and harassment of women (or anyone) at our conferences will not be tolerated.”  Let the learning and networking begin … for everyone!

The sexual objectification and harassment of women (or anyone) at our conferences will not be tolerated
— Steve Wylie, general manager for Black Hat

Please pardon the generalizations, but multiple studies show that women tend to be more empathetic, are more concerned about privacy, and react more strongly to bad things. How do these traits factor into security? Empathy builds deeper relationships and trust with your vendors as well as your internal and external customers, especially important when things go wrong.  Heightened privacy concerns bring deeper insight into security solution and business process designs; and improvements and stronger reactions to negative situations is especially valuable in incident response.

With that in mind, female colleagues curated this list, choosing training and briefing sessions for all experience levels, with a preference for strategic, problem solving and general tactical response over dedicated infrastructure/OS/device or vulnerabilities sessions.   

Looking for something specific? The Black Hat Briefings cover other topics including critical infrastructure security; enterprise systems and datacenter technologies; vulnerabilities targeting nearly every platform, operating system, and device imaginable; and the latest in research and development—chances are, there’s something here you haven’t thought about yet. If you have we’d love to know!

Listed below are some of the Briefings suggested for Women in Cybersecurity for Black Hat USA 2016


TRAINING: Adaptive Penetration Testing


Presented By:  Versis Group's Adaptive Threat Division


TRAINING: Adaptive Red Team Tactics


Presented By:  Versis Group's Adaptive Threat Division


TRAINING: Adversary Hunting and Incident Response: Network Edition


Presented By: Crowdstrike


TRAINING: Basic Tools & Techniques For Hackers - Beginner Level


Presented By: SensePost


TRAINING: Expanding the Blue Team by Building A Security Culture Program


Presented By: Masha Sedova and Marisa Fagan


TRAINING: Incident Response - Black Hat Edition


Presented By: Mandiant, A FireEye Company


TRAINING: Risk Management Framework (CNSS-4016)


Presented By: Information Assurance Associates (IA2)


BRIEFING: An Insider's Guide to Cyber-Insurance and Security Guarantees


Speaker: Jeremiah Grossman


BRIEFING: Defense at Hyperscale: Technologies and Policies for A Defensible Cyberspace


Speaker: Jason Healey


BRIEFING: Measuring Adversary Costs to Exploit Commercial Software: The Government-Bootstrapped Non-Profit C.I.T.L.


Speakers: Mudge . & Sarah Zatko


There is a wide and varied menu of sessions for all corners of the Security world. For a full list of trainings, briefings and daily scheduling please visit https://www.blackhat.com/us-16/briefings/schedule/index.html

We look forward to seeing you and more women participate. For registration please visit https://www.blackhat.com/us-16/registration.html

Of course, we invite you to stay tuned to IT Security Planet’s Black Hat USA 2016 Coverage Page for the latest news, press, and photos from the event.