Welcome To 'An InfoSec Life'

By Larry Jaffee

Most people switch careers up to seven times during their lifetime. InfoSec professionals aren’t like most people. We’ve been tinkering with computers almost as soon as we’ve been able to talk.

Image Source:  DailyMail UK

Image Source: DailyMail UK

Many of us went to college and beyond, specifically for some aspect of computer science, whereas others just sort of fell into IT Security as a livelihood. Seven or eight years ago, InfoSec surely did not carry the same “get-rich-quick” cachet of “app developer.”

But times have changed (i.e., a new day, a new hack). Few will argue with the notion that InfoSec is a far nobler livelihood than a mindless app that might go viral.

Who could have a problem – other than someone with criminal intent – that devoting one’s life to protecting the world’s data enhances all of society?

InfoSec professionals are a special breed. No doubt contributing to that calling is the knowledge their skills are in constant demand. Or perhaps just maybe it’s his or her competitive nature in taking on a challenge to beat a formidable, constantly-evolving adversary that keeps on coming. It sure ain’t boring. Every day.

So look in this “InfoSec Life” space for IT security professionals to share on a rotating basis their philosophy of why they chose this job, this profession. Sure, technology is important, and there’s a glut of other news sources to stay abreast of the latest InfoSec bells and whistles.

ITSPmagazine’s aim with this new column is simply to humanize the work performed by the InfoSec professional. Our contributors will reveal what keeps them up at night, and their plan of attack the next morning.  And we want to hear from readers too. So, if you’re inspired by what you read here, feel free to email larry<at>itsecurityplanet.com, submit your story using this form, or share a few thoughts via this online Q&A. All ideas are welcome and we hope to see your story about your own InfoSec Life in lights soon.

About Larry Jaffee

Larry Jaffee is the editor of the InfoSec Life column for IT Security Planet magazine. He is also a contributing writer to SC Magazine for IT Security Professionals, for which he’s written numerous feature articles and ebooks focusing on various aspects of data breaches, insider threats and preparation to ward off attacks. Jaffee is also a Ponemon Institute Fellow.

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