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We Need to Bring Diversity to the Idea of Diversity

Dr. Uma Gupta, professor, STEM expert and highly-sought after motivational speaker, has studied human nature and its influence on our personal and professional lives. In this interview, she discusses diversity from a neurological point of view and explains why it’s about time that we change the conversation about the lack of diversity in cybersecurity and tech.

A Dialogue with Paige Schaffer - Generali Global Assistance

ITSPmagazine had a chance to connect with Paige Schaffer from Generali Global Assistance. We wanted to find out what inspires her; why she does what she does, and how what she and her company are looking to make a positive impact on society.

If You Love Your Car, Thank a Woman. If You Want Better Tech, Ask a Woman

Women account for 85% of consumer spending yet are being virtually ignored by the consumer electronics industry. This is one instance where technologist and business leader Lynn Yanyo encourages startups and established corporations to exploit women.

Welcome To 'An InfoSec Life'

InfoSec professionals are a special breed. The InfoSec Life column is a space for IT security professionals to share their philosophy of why they chose this job, this profession. ITSP Magazine welcomes Larry Jaffee as the editor for this column. And Larry Jaffee welcomes you to this column. Enjoy!