law enforcement

​SOC-as-a-Service In The City of Sparks, To Protect ​The Protectors

This article came as the result of a discussion with Sean Martin regarding how Arctic Wolf's work with the City of Sparks impacts the police and its officers. It describes how the police officers do their job differently and how an increase in tech and cyber changes the way they view society and the way they live their lives.

A Dialogue with Roland Cloutier - SVP & CSO of ADP

Learn how a powerful sense of mission can provide motivation to solve complex problems and meaning in the InfoSec life from ADP SVP/CSO Roland Cloutier.

Cybercrime. How Do You Prosecute What Is Not There?

It is often difficult to bring perpetrators to justice. Expert Alphonzo Albright discusses the need for law enforcement agencies to discover relevant information while not violating the rights of the organizations that manufacture or sell technologies.