Our Best Cyber-Defense For The Future: Teenage Technologists

Although information security analysts will be the fastest growing overall job category, the supply of analytics talent isn’t rising fast enough to meet this demand. Charles Eaton believes that good technologists can make great information security analysts, and that tweens and teens should become a focal point in this area.

Seriously?! Can You Not Do That? Chapter III - External Internet Access

Between the massive amounts of data flowing through a company, the difficulty of managing its IT systems internally, relying on data synchronization and backup services, and the need to be budget conscious, much of this data may reside outside the firewall. But the use of convenient inward-out systems can put your company at risk if not managed properly.

How To Streamline The Cybersecurity Insurance Process

Is cybersecurity insurance a necessary evil? Assuming it is, how can organizations make the most of their audit and compliance efforts to get the best coverage and rates possible? Expert Alan Zeichick speaks with experts from multiple angles to see how best to streamline the application process.

The Security Risks of Lost and Stolen Devices

Despite an increasing number of organizations are choosing to embrace the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, there are still considerable security risks involved that many are not aware of. This article will explain what are the possible security risks involved with BYOD and how to prevent them.

You Can’t Change The Future, But You Can Foresee It, and Be Ready

When it comes to ingesting, digesting, and applying threat intelligence in a meaningful way, it can seem like information overload. With their Threat Catalogue, HITRUST is helping the healthcare industry overcome this challenge with a complete list of security and privacy threats geared toward the threats the industry faces on a daily basis.

Cybersecurity: Part Science, Part Business, and Part Psychic?

Bridging the talent gap means more than producing a diverse cybersecurity workforce today – it will require looking into the future of the criminal mind.

What Could The Next Ransomware Note Say? Let’s Learn from 2016

When lives are on the line when the latest Ransomware message comes in, perhaps we'll wish we looked back over time to predict what could happen in the future.

Healthcare Under Attack: Report

At the end of June 2016, bad actors published 10,000,000 stolen record for sale. Experts in cybersecurity, Andrew Komarov, Balázs Scheidler and Adam Laub, discuss findings uncovered in a recent InfoArmor report: Healthcare Under Attack: Cybercriminals Target Medical Institutions.

20 Tips From HITRUST 2016

This HITRUST conference proved highly relevant and extremely valuable to all professionals concerned with the health industry’s ongoing efforts to protect health data and other personally-identifiable information from the cyber threats targeting our businesses and institutions. Read these top 20 tips to see what the attendees heard.

Healthcare Held Hostage? US, Canada Issue Joint Ransomware Cyber Alert

Healthcare Held Hostage? US, Canada Issue Joint Ransomware Cyber Alert

A full five days into the ongoing MedStar Health attack, the US Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre issued a joint alert on the surge in ransomware extortion attacks.

Andrew Komarov, Brian Laing, Csaba Krasznay, John Gunn, and Carmine Clementelli dig deeper into the world or ransomware.