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What Could Be the Mysterious Reason Why Girls Are Not Interested in Tech Careers?

When a girl gets a Computer Engineer Barbie who needs the help of two boys to code, that sends a very clear message to her. Barbie may be modeled on life, but Mattel must realize that it needs to ensure that it models the doll on relevant, inclusive, diverse life.

This Is Why Men Should Fight Mightily to Defeat the Infosec Gender Gap

Entrepreneurs and businesses know, better than anyone, that survival is contingent upon adaptability. So why is there still a lack of diversity in this field? Avani Desai brings 15 years’ of experience in the IT field to offer her own suggestions as to how to close this gender gap.

Women in IT Security? Of Course "We Can Do IT"

In this interview, Carolyn April, senior director of industry analysis at CompTIA, sheds light on how companies can recruit more women into security careers to fill the growing skills gap. Plus, create your own personalized Rosie the Riveter avatar via Make Tech Her Story!

A Women in Security Column, Because This Lack of Diversity Has to End

Enough is enough - the lack of diversity in cybersecurity needs to end. In this article, Selena introduces the new column driven by our new partnership with Chenxi Wang, as we launch our new Equal Respect column series in the new Women in Security column on IT Security Planet.

Girls and STEM Education Can Save Christmas

We’ve all read the articles, seen the statistics, and listened to the conference speeches—there is a huge gender gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Expert Deirdre Walsh explores how best to keep the US competitive and the world a better place through diverse talent in STEM roles.