When You Give, You Get. The Power of Mentoring

Elena Elkina believes that even the most experienced and confident professional can use good career advice, and there’s no better way than through mentoring. Whether it is formalized or non-traditional mentorship, Elena provides a guide to looking for a mentor and reminds us that when you give, you get.

Thank You AppSec California. I Am Eager to See You Again!

After attending AppSec California this past January, Arleena Faith learned some interesting lessons that she wanted to share with other Software Developers and professionals in the Software Security field. The topics included in this Experts Corner range from insights on scaling a Software Security Initiative to automating Security Testing within the pipeline.

Cybersecurity: Part Science, Part Business, and Part Psychic?

Bridging the talent gap means more than producing a diverse cybersecurity workforce today – it will require looking into the future of the criminal mind.

The Secret History of Women in Tech

From Ada Lovelace to Hedy Lamarr, women have been pioneers in the tech industry for as long as there has been a tech industry. So how did women’s status in this field go from rocket scientist to booth babe?

Gender Diversity And Why We Need Women to Help Shape the World

It's time to achieve equal respect for women in security, and the new Equal Respect column series is just what we need to bring it home. in part 1 of this 2-part article, Summer Craze Fowler shows that the future of information security looks as male-dominated as ever and discusses the reasons we should all be concerned about the lack of diversity in this field.