Buckle Up! 2017 Is Gonna Get Bumpy. 10 CyberSecurity Predictions

As 2016 comes to close, we are faced with many questions about what to expect in the coming year. Will malware ridden homes become the norm? Will mobile payments continue to mature and find their place in major organizations? Will we see physical injuries as a result of digital attacks? Mandeep Khera of Arxan shares his predictions with ITSPmagazine.

To Win The Cyber War We Must Explore Alternative Realities

At this point, it should seem clear we are losing the cyber war. Digital security is getting worse because of lock-in. So how is this impacting our security posture? Jamison Utter explains.

How Would an Assistant Groundskeeper Win a Cyberwar?

The only way to close the gap between the current state of IT security and the capabilities of the enemy is to outflank them; to beat them at their own game. In this Experts Corner, Danelle Au shares he thoughts  on how to think and look like the enemy during cyberware games.