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The Metamorphosis of an Open Source Bot - Mirai to Persirai

The Mirai malware has become particularly notorious for recruiting IoT devices to form botnets that have launched some of the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks ever recorded. This new Experts Corner from Robert Hamilton tracks the evolution of the Mirai botnet.

Ransomware Predictions | Past, Present, Future (Part 1)

It’s easy to make predictions. It’s harder to make predictions that actually come true. Experts Chris Inglis and Scott Scheferman share a collection of ransomware predictions which includes a set that have come true, some already made that could still come true, and a whole new set sure to knock your socks off.

Putting SpyEye Developers Behind Bars

Thanks in part to research and testimony by Flashpoint, two hackers responsible for developing malware that infected over 50 million computers have been sentenced to prison. Expert Lance James from Flashpoint walks us through the history of arrests that likely halted what could have been the most prolific and undetectable botnets distributed to date.

The Anatomy of a Banker Malware - Unraveling Marcher

Mobile malware has already compromised sensitive military and business related information. Enterprises should take this threat seriously and close any gaps in mobile security to avoid breaches of sensitive information.

Expert Oren Koriat walks us through the Marcher banking malware.