Spectre And Meltdown Vulnerabilities. Happy New Year!

Intel has confirmed findings by researchers (including from Google’s Project Zero) that the design of chips from Intel, AMD and ARM has – for more than a decade – permitted hackers to access memory on billions of business and consumer devices. So what, you ask? This is what.

KRACK Happens: How Bad Is The Vulnerability? What To Do?

A new vulnerability was recently exposed and a proof of concept for an exploit was demonstrated alongside of it, highlighting again just how delicate the Internet really is. This time, the vulnerability impacts a protocol used across a variety of devices, taking aim at both business and end user systems—as well as data. Here’s what we know thus far.

Seriously?! Can You Not Do That? Chapter IV - Insecure Use of Public Wi-Fi

At one time or another, we’ve all connected to the Internet via public Wi-Fi – at a coffee shop, in a hotel, on a plane. The convenience is irresistible, but few people are aware that public Wi-Fi is one of the biggest risks to personal and business security because these networks are so easy to attack for hackers. Cybersecurity experts answer these questions: Are any public WiFi networks safe? What harm can be done on these public networks? And how can you protect yourself against this risk?

Outbreak! New Ransomware Variants Target Healthcare, Enterprises

Outbreak! New Ransomware Variants Target Healthcare, Enterprises

Two new strains of ransomware are locking down and extorting enterprises.  MedStar Health is believed to be the latest victim – forced offline, all manner of patient services this week are reportedly delayed or curtailed according to unnamed employees who reported receiving ransom pop ups. MedStar is at least the fifth ransomware infection recently reported by a U.S. provider. Experts

Andrew Komarov, Brian Laing, Csaba Krasznay, Michael Magrath, and Tim McElwee talk about the challenges dealing with, and overcoming, ransomware attacks.