Would Homer Agree? The Achilles Heel Of IoT Devices

IoT devices are already being used in hospitals, and any tampering with them — such as imaging nurse call systems, infusion pumps and patient monitors — can cost human lives. Andy Norton of Lastline illustrates that, given their vulnerabilities and the ease with which bad actors can take advantage of them, it’s clear that not enough is being done to secure IoT devices.

Learn About Cryptomining – The Latest Most Popular Cyberattack

Criminal cryptomining has replaced ransomware as the leading type of cyber attack in 2018. While not all cryptomining is criminal in nature, this new type of cyber attack has gained momentum and popularity as a result of its success. Lastline’s director of threat intelligence, Andy Norton, explains the popular criminal techniques used to mine cryptocurrencies — and what lies ahead for cryptomining.

Ransomware Always Tips Its Hand

Ransomware creates turmoil every day – for individuals and for enterprises. But there is encouraging news. Ransomware, by its very nature, tips its hand with characteristics that make it predictable and recognizable. These distinct features enable advanced security tools to detect and defeat ransomware before files are frozen and ransoms demanded.

The Far-Reaching Effects of a Malware Attack

When a company suffers a malware attack, the effects are widespread. Just how far, you ask? To help answer this question, expert Brian Laing explores this topic both far and wide.

Outbreak! New Ransomware Variants Target Healthcare, Enterprises

Outbreak! New Ransomware Variants Target Healthcare, Enterprises

Two new strains of ransomware are locking down and extorting enterprises.  MedStar Health is believed to be the latest victim – forced offline, all manner of patient services this week are reportedly delayed or curtailed according to unnamed employees who reported receiving ransom pop ups. MedStar is at least the fifth ransomware infection recently reported by a U.S. provider. Experts

Andrew Komarov, Brian Laing, Csaba Krasznay, Michael Magrath, and Tim McElwee talk about the challenges dealing with, and overcoming, ransomware attacks.