6 Reasons Why SIEMs Aren’t a Security Analytics Tool

Given all the vendor- and analyst-speak in the security space, it’s become difficult for organizations to know the difference between Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and security analytics. Here are 6 ways to tell a SIEM from a security analytics product.

It's A Hybrid World After All. How Do We Secure It?

In the new, hybrid world of IT — often described as borderless — traditional approaches to security have been become inadequate. This article examines the new risks introduced by hybrid IT computing, the challenges these pose, and best practices for addressing them.

Data Access And Security Are Out Of Sync

Enterprises  are struggling to find secure ways to allow trusted users access sensitive data. Traditional security models designed to protect limited entry points to the data are no longer viable. These best practices, presented by Gurucul’s CEO, Saryu Nayyar, can help address the challenges.