The Softer Side of Artificial Intelligence

Sometimes, it's all too easy to forget about the technology we surround ourselves with. In this ITSPmagazine article, artificial intelligence expert, Scott Scheferman, explores the realities of technology becoming ingrained in our everyday lives.

Join Us, as We Look Back at Diversity in Tech in 2016

The mission of our Equal Respect column for ITSPmagazine is to provide a platform for the lack of diversity in the tech, InfoSec or cybersecurity fields. We’ve published 30 articles written by 24 experts, and here is a quick recap of some of our most popular, humorous, touching and amazing stories.

The Actual Benefits of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

If you believe the vendor hype, Artificial Intelligence is the greatest thing to ever happen to cybersecurity. Guess what? The vendors may be correct, but it’s not easy to determine what is useful technology and what is fluffy marketing.

It’s a Marketing Mess! Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

From Big Data to Behavioral Analytics to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence presents a confusing landscape, in large part because the terms are vague and defined inconsistently (and vendors like it this way).

When the Society of Things Attacks Itself - A BBC World News Newsday Interview

We’ve heard about cyberattacks against critical infrastructure sites and systems including dams (Bowman Avenue Dam in NY), railroads, electrical grids (Israel, US, Ukraine), and even nuclear power plants (Germany). But it doesn't stop there. And it may not even begin there.

Hello, my name is Xuan. I am a Cybersecurity Data Scientist.

Xuan Zhao is a data scientist in the cybersecurity industry who shares her relatively unique experience of working in a nearly all-male world – she is part of a supportive, collaborative team where everyone is equal, and everyone’s idea is valued.

So, What Went Seriously Wrong with Yahoo?

How do you destroy 500 million trust relationships at once? Break in to Yahoo! Today the company claimed that a breach from as far back as 2014 – the result of a "state-sponsored actor" – led to the loss of "account information [that] may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers."

Ransomware Predictions | Past, Present, Future (Part 2)

It’s hard to make predictions that actually come true - but it certainly helps knowing what's possible and what the trends are. In this second part, expert Scott Scheferman shares a collection of 5 ransomware predictions he's previously made which have yet to come true. Will they?

Ransomware Predictions | Past, Present, Future (Part 1)

It’s easy to make predictions. It’s harder to make predictions that actually come true. Experts Chris Inglis and Scott Scheferman share a collection of ransomware predictions which includes a set that have come true, some already made that could still come true, and a whole new set sure to knock your socks off.

Cyber Risk Leadership: Essential Leadership Lessons from Malcolm Harkins

Malcolm Harkins, CISO at Cylance, discusses the difference between leadership and management in the InfoSec space where 95% of a company leader’s time tends to be spent on preventing negative outcomes rather than promoting positive outcomes.