Certifications and Ratings in the Cybersecurity Guarantee Market

When it comes to the creation of this market, it all boils down to supply and demand. Jeremiah Grossman is nudging the supply along - letting people get a taste of it - and hopefully the market will soon start demanding it. In this article, Sean Martin explores the cyber guarantee portion of the topic and the ability to create a new market from scratch.

2 Factors Might Be Better Than 1, But Is It Enough?

‘Compliance does not equal security’ was the mantra of this session called Two-Factor Isn’t Enough – We Show You Why. Ryan Rowcliffe of SecureAuth reminded us that merely having a two-factor authentication technology in place isn’t nearly safe enough because when it comes to convenience, people will almost always eschew security measures.

Curiosity Killed the Cat and Other Cybersecurity Horror Stories

When the weakest link in a business’ IT security is “end users who…are too easily fooled by social engineering attacks,” how do you protect your organization? Here are two studies that show just how foolish people can be.

Equal Respect: Removing Roadblocks to Diversity in Infosec

A company can’t be diversified if its people aren’t diversified. This panel of five top-level women in the security industry discusses why the number of females in infosec and tech companies is actually declining, the inherent biases we all have about people, and what can be done to remove the obstacles to attract – and retain – more qualified women to this growing field.

Cybersecurity? There's No Accounting for Human Weakness

Cybersecurity only works if you actually implement it – otherwise, it’s like having a state-of-the art alarm system on your house but then leaving the bedroom window open for fresh air. Unfortunately, the weakest link in the security chain comes down to the end users.

5 Tips for Making the Most of the Black Hat Business Hall

There are no fewer than 256 companies (as of this writing) with reserved booths at Black Hat USA 2016 this year. As you plan your navigation of the hall to see that many vendors, there is a lot to consider. Sean Martin offers 5 tips and tricks to help Black Hat attendees make the most of their time on the Expo floor.

What To Expect At Black Hat USA 2016 | Women in Cybersecurity Briefings and Trainings

Previously, we brought you details of the Mobility, Microsoft, IoT and AppSec Briefings taking place at this year’s Black Hat 2016 event in Las Vegas.  We've even given you a Top 10 list to help narrow things down a bit. Now comes the training and briefings from the woman’s point of view; Women in Cybersecurity takes the showcase stage here on IT Security Planet.     

What to Expect at Black Hat USA 2016 | Mobility Briefings

The Black Hat Briefings are fast approaching at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. The flights are booked and registration forms are completed in full. This conference, which brings scores of briefings to life each year, was created nearly 20 years ago to provide InfoSec professionals a place to gather and learn from the very best what the very latest risks and trends are in the information security world.