Serena L-G., 12 and a Half Years Old, Says "Sec_rity is not complete without you"

Article and cover image illustration by Serena L-G.

Cybersecurity is the group of frameworks and advances intended to protect systems, PCs, projects and information from assault, harm or unapproved access. It plays a very vital role in the safety of children, teens, and even adults, by protecting from phishing attacks, hacks, and accidental leaks of personal information (typically on social media).

These days, almost every tween owns a smartphone, containing dangerous apps such as Instagram, Tumblr, or Snapchat. It's important for parents to have their children realize these apps are risking their safety, as many minors are exposing too much personal info.

There are several things you can do to help with your child's safety. For example, if a teenager has a public Instagram account, explain to them the importance of keeping their facts, such as name, date of birth, or address, hidden. A good way to allow only known people to follow them is to set up a private account, allowing follow requests to be established, meaning your teen can approve requests only from people they know.

Sec_rity is not complete without U!
— Serena L-G.

As of today, much private information is being told to the wrong people, creating a hazardous environment for you and your children. Friends may share passwords with each other, but when a cat fight breaks, passwords get told, emails get hacked, and friends get betrayed. It’s EXTREMELY important not to share your passwords or private numbers with ANYONE - even your most trusted friend; it can result in identity theft, which in rare cases can even lead to prosecution.

The Internet is both a wonderful but dangerous place, with all its pros and cons. Most knowledge of the world can be accessed by any person with access to a computer and the Internet. We must use it with respect to outnumber the cons with its good qualities. We not only need to outnumber, but protecting it is the biggest priority. Practicing good online behavior is crucial to safely take advantage of all the online world has to offer.

About Serena L-G.

Serena is a 12 year old student at a middle school located in Southern California. The illustration included in this article was created by Serena.