Healthcare Entities are the New Data Gold Mines for Attackers

By Luther Martin, HP Enterprise Security - Data Security

Unfortunately, many healthcare firms are grappling with the unprecedented changes in regulatory pressures, data threats, the shifting IT landscape and the changing business and operational requirements, without losing their primary focus – patient care.

Many healthcare organizations are not readily equipped with modern data-centric protection which enables them to neutralize breach risks.

Standards like PCI-DSS have provided more than frameworks for organizations to follow. Many healthcare regulations have historically been frameworks – offering payers / providers guidance – which haven’t been sufficient.

Other industries like banking, payment processing and retail have learned all too painfully that being compliant means nothing when the attackers are gaining access to the data which hasn’t been properly protected through a data-centric approach. Healthcare organizations are feeling the pains and starting to shift gears to modern data security practices while joining their peers in other industries who've already learned the importance of mitigating data threats.

The value of data-centric security controls enables healthcare organizations to protect valuable data assets and enable data-rich analytic insight without risk, and prosper as a result to the delight of their customers.