Building Cybersecure Culture through an Age-Old Technique: Apprenticeships

With an alarming talent gap in the industry, cybersecurity can no longer be thought of as a technical problem with a technical solution; it must be treated as a critical business concern. Charles Eaton of CompTIA discusses how apprenticeships can supply companies with a more predictable, sustainable pipeline of applicants, while providing new cybersecurity workers with necessary experience, education and mentorship.

We’re All in This Together – Why You Should Champion National Cyber Security Awareness Month

With data breaches on the rise and personal information ending up in the hands of cyber criminals, we are no longer questioning whether a breach will occur, but when the breach will occur. Marija Atanasova, Sr. Content Strategist for the IT Security community at BrightTALK, interviewed Karen Creasey of NCSAM to learn how to get the most out of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October).

Every Parent's Nightmare: Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied

It is every parent’s nightmare: their child is being bullied. Except it’s even more insidious if the bullying is happening online where it’s hard to see and even harder to stop. How can you prevent, spot and address cyberbullying, how can you get your child to talk about what might be happening to them, and how can you help them overcome it? Here are a few tips to get you started.

What Your ISP Knows About You

We’ve all heard the stories about ISP employees monitoring user traffic for the sake of private gain or when dying of boredom, but are those legends true? David Balaban, a computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation, shows us what your Internet service provider (ISP) really knows about you.

Happy Valentines Day! Here Is A Bouquet Of Online Dating Romance Scams. XOXO

As more adults flock to online dating sites to meet "the one" they must also exercise caution. A new generation of scammers are setting their traps, creating fake profiles to extort cash and mine personal data from victims.

Attack of the Drones - Is Your Business Ready?

Call them whatever you prefer—"unmanned aircraft systems" (UAS), "small unmanned aircraft systems" (sUAS), "unmanned aircraft vehicles" (UAV), or simply "drones"—these devices have evolved rapidly over the last few years to the point where they count as a significant force in the innovation of industries ranging from photography and film making, through farming and surveying, to maintenance and power line inspection. "So," you might be thinking "that's all very cool but what's that got to do with my company and security?"

The Side Effects Of A Technology Craving Society - Part 2

When technology evolves faster than our ability to make sure there's a viable level of safety, how do we educate businesses and the layperson on best practices for IoT security? In this part 2 InfoSec Life article, Phil Agcaoili, CISO, shares his views on the need to raise InfoSec awareness in society while striving for (and embracing) diversity in cybersecurity. 

The Evil That Men Do

By Chris Roberts
Chief Security Architect at Acalvio Technologies

This was something I wrote last Friday while flying back from the UK, I hope it provokes some thoughts.

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse, this much we know and this much is documented throughout history, but let me tell you of this past week and why it hit home again.

I landed in the UK recently, 9 hours on a technological marvel that whisked me through the sky with no more effort expended on my part than working out which movie or what work to do next. I landed and drove up to a place where I’d never been using the technology built into the Mercedes that I’d been given…to arrive at the hotel where all the bookings, preferences and overall itinerary had been accurately arranged 5,000 miles away…then I crashed out…

The Side Effects Of A Technology Craving Society - Part 1

We live in a technology-hungry society where consumers are accustomed to the convenience of technology without understanding the risks and vulnerabilities that come with it. In this part 1 of 2 InfoSec Life articles, Phil Agcaoili, CISO, discusses the five core issues of basic cyber hygiene.

Knowledge, Passion, Determination and a Sense of Social Responsibility

Robert Simmons thinks of his mom and grandmother when defending all computer users from cyber threats that can strip them of their identities and money. This InfoSec professional believes a safe and level Internet playing field will be achieved by meticulously observing data patterns to illuminate the most dangerous network risks.