SMBs Are Driving A New Wave of Cyber Insurance Adoption

Cyber Insurance is a rapidly growing market, and small- to medium-sized businesses are driving that growth. Ari Vared, Senior Director of Product at CyberPolicy, explains that as SMBs gather more data to leverage business decisions, they also need to be more aware of cyber risks and be prepared for an incident.

BYOD for Business Is on the Rise

As more people bring their own devices to work (BYOD), companies embracing blockchain can ensure that the infrastructure is secure and their employees are accommodated. Alistair Johnson, founder & CEO of Nuggets, explains how this new technology accommodates a fresh understanding of work and the technological peculiarities that come with it. 

Five Things To Consider When Evaluating Security Solutions

As more security technology companies emerge, consolidate and disappear, CISOs are struggling to understand which products are really worth their investment. Absolute’s Director of Security Strategy Josh Mayfield shares how CISOs can cut through the product marketing jargon and break down the five questions every CISO should ask a potential security vendor.

How to Measure the ROI of Cybersecurity Investments

Regularly measuring the effectiveness of cybersecurity efforts is challenging but essential to avoid security incidents. The ROI of security investments should be based on how much loss the organization could avoid due to the investment. In this article, Netwrix CEO Steve Dickson covers a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the return on security investments (ROSI).

How To Execute A Full Disaster Recovery On A Part-Time Budget

Companies know that they must plan to ensure business continuity in the event that a disaster occurs, but most companies are unaware that a disaster recovery (DR) plan requires more than simply managing backups. Michael Stolarczyk of Veristor explains how DR-managed services through a trusted advisor can replace the necessity for a full-time DR staff as well as offer a solution that is synchronized with your business continuity requirements.

Nearly Half of SMBs Plan to Invest in Cybersecurity in 2018

As part of Kabbage’s ongoing effort to help small businesses to be successful, Kabbage recently surveyed more than 800 customers and nearly half (47 percent) plan to invest in cybersecurity products and services in 2018.

Here is Your Cybersecurity Budget. Spend It Wisely

How can businesses pour millions into cybersecurity and still miss the mark? CISSP and CISM Candy Alexander explores the blind spot leaving many businesses open to costly attack.