Voice AI in the Most Unlikely Places – Even Casinos

While today’s home assistants like Alexa or Siri are often the only examples of voice technology that many of us consider, our not-too-distant future will be defined by voice integration, not just for convenience and information, but also in how we keep our personal information, our families and our businesses — including casinos — safe and secure.

How AI and Quality Engineering Improve Business Systems

DevOps is about more than continuous delivery. Prasanna Singaraju, Chief of Engineering and Technology at Qentelli, explains how AI can help fill in the potential gaps to improve application quality and delivery speed as well as user satisfaction.

While SIEMs Are Necessary, They Are No Longer Sufficient

SIEMs currently fight the cybersecurity war ten miles from the front line, reviewing logs to show that an attack happened and replaying the steps required to prevent it from happening again. New tools such as Artificial Intelligence must move this battle closer to the front lines, allowing security teams to transition from threat detectives to threat hunters seeking out attacks before they happen.

Machine Learning And The 5 Key Elements Of A Layered Defense

While machine learning, an application of artificial intelligence, is not new, customers still struggle to understand how it will benefit their efforts to defend their critical assets. When evaluating this technology, here are the five key components that are critical to effective machine learning and successful protection of the endpoint.

The Truth Is That Threat Hunting Is More Art Than Science

Threat detection relies on signatures or the correlation of system events to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs). As such, it is primarily reactive and used to verify if a breach has occurred, and to assess the scope and spread of a threat. This article explains how proactive threat hunting can address this inherent weakness in threat detection by assuming a threat or threat actor has not been detected, yet may have targeted an organization.

Do We Really Need Empathetic Bots? Yes, We Do

Move over chatbots - it is time for the empathetic bot. Say what?! In this new Experts Corner, Ashwin Krishnam explores the intersection of autonomous vehicles, bots, and machine learning. Where will technology take us in the future? Will be able to tell the difference between machine and human?

So, How Does Machine Learning Apply To Cyber Security?

There has been a great deal of attention paid to the advantages of machine learning in security tools lately. And while it shows a great deal of promise, the reality is alone, machine learning is not enough to consistently and accurately detect, prevent or predict threats and is prone to false-positives. When considering how to reduce the overall threat exposure window, organizations need to understand how, only when combined with additional technologies, machine learning can be effective.

Quantum Computing Is Creating Driverless - More Hackable - Cars

Of the top disruptive technologies that will benefit from quantum computing, self-driving cars look most imminent as a commercial prospect. But how does this impact the hackability of these vehicles? Scott Totzke explains in his latest ITSPmagazine Experts Corner.

The Softer Side of Artificial Intelligence

Sometimes, it's all too easy to forget about the technology we surround ourselves with. In this ITSPmagazine article, artificial intelligence expert, Scott Scheferman, explores the realities of technology becoming ingrained in our everyday lives.

Ethical AI and the Need for a More Values-Driven Sociotechnical Future

As systems become increasingly autonomous and capable of learning about and acting on environments without human input, how do we maximize their benefit to society while minimizing their risks? And who is liable for their actions?

The Actual Benefits of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

If you believe the vendor hype, Artificial Intelligence is the greatest thing to ever happen to cybersecurity. Guess what? The vendors may be correct, but it’s not easy to determine what is useful technology and what is fluffy marketing.

It’s a Marketing Mess! Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

From Big Data to Behavioral Analytics to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence presents a confusing landscape, in large part because the terms are vague and defined inconsistently (and vendors like it this way).

Cyber Risk Leadership: Essential Leadership Lessons from Malcolm Harkins

Malcolm Harkins, CISO at Cylance, discusses the difference between leadership and management in the InfoSec space where 95% of a company leader’s time tends to be spent on preventing negative outcomes rather than promoting positive outcomes.

The Cusp of Technological Transformation

The Cusp of Technological Transformation

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Augmented Reality (AR), some would argue the digital age is taking over our lives.

Expert Chuck Brooks explores the world of security and compliance as the planet tries to unlock its complete potential for medicine, manufacturing, government and everyday living.