Chuck Brooks

5 Tips to Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture in 2019

The #CyberAvengers, a group of salty and experienced professionals, takes a brief look back at 2018 with its breaches of epic proportions. But rather than whine, moan and complain about the past — they suggest 5 things you can do in the next few weeks to have a safer cyber 2019.

Cybersecurity Quick Tips From The #Cyberavengers: How To Set Up an Early Warning System

The #CyberAvengers, a group of salty and experienced professionals, offers a few quick tips that set up a cybersecurity early warning system, giving you a chance to make sure your “cyber fire” does not get out of control.

IoT Pose A Threat To Anything And Everyone Connected

When it comes to the Internet of Things, it’s easy to identify the breadth and depth of the potential value of these connected things. It’s not so easy identifying the threats, risks, and related management solutions. Expert Chuck Brooks gives us his view into how to get a handle on these challenges.

The Gender Gap in Cybersecurity Can, and Should Be, Closed

There are huge, growing demands for a modern cybersecurity workforce in both the private and public sectors; there is also a significant shortage of skilled professionals. Expert Chuck Brooks highlights a few programs looking to make a difference.

UK/US Cybersecurity Cooperation Will Thrive With or Without Brexit

The term BREXIT is a new on in our vocabulary - a term that drives uncertainty in many markets around the world.

Expert Chuck Brooks explores the topic to help us better understand the implications this historical vote could have on technology industry and its cybersecurity cousin.

Ransomware Trending as Weapon of Choice for Hackers

Ransomware is not a new threat, it has been around for at least 15 years, but it has become a trending one. Last year, FBI reported more than 2,500 incidents. The figures are likely much higher as most companies and organizations do not want to publicly disclose that they have been breached, and especially extorted. Ransomware is a growing global problem.

The Cusp of Technological Transformation

The Cusp of Technological Transformation

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Augmented Reality (AR), some would argue the digital age is taking over our lives.

Expert Chuck Brooks explores the world of security and compliance as the planet tries to unlock its complete potential for medicine, manufacturing, government and everyday living.

The Internet of Things and Government

The Internet of Things and Government

The potential of the IoT for both the public and private sector is undeniable; however companies and agencies need to develop plans and prepare their workers for its implications in order to harness the value of the technology.

Expert Chuck Brooks explores the world where your alarm clock notifies your coffee maker to start brewing when you wake up; or your car is communicating with other cars on the road.