Candy Alexander

Cybersecurity Experts Must Look At The Whole Picture

Let’s face it, in the CyberSecurity profession, we like to learn things the hard way. But, if we look at the whole picture and ask "why" every now and then, things just might get a little easier.

What Makes You a Cyber Security Professional – Nature or Training?

Your nature makes you a perfect candidate for a career in InfoSec, but it’s the nurturing found in community that will make you a success.

Here is Your Cybersecurity Budget. Spend It Wisely

How can businesses pour millions into cybersecurity and still miss the mark? CISSP and CISM Candy Alexander explores the blind spot leaving many businesses open to costly attack.

The Cybersecurity Profession Has a Clear Career Path. LOL. Just Kidding

Expert analysis by Candy Alexander of a recent study from ISSA and ESG emphasizes the need for more formal planning in career advancement in cybersecurity.