A Women in Security Column, Because This Lack of Diversity Has to End

By Selena Templeton

Back in May, several of us from IT Security Planet had the pleasure of hearing Chenxi Wang and four other women speak on a panel called Women In Security during the ISSA-LA Summit. Afterwards, I had the honor of chatting with her in a one-on-one conversation in which she spoke of security versus convenience from her point of view as a CSO (you can read this article here).

The conversation branched off and quickly led to a partnership between Chenxi and ITSP where we found an ally in each other: she has plenty to say, and we have plenty of space and reach in which to say it. Women – or the lack thereof – in the cybersecurity industry is a subject and a cause we are both passionate about.

Enough has been said about what is wrong with the lack of diversity. Chenxi’s Equal Respect Column for ITSP will give visibility to the struggle for diversity, the ongoing efforts and, of course, the victories. Because the fight for a cause is never done alone, this is a community blog and as such will have regular guest posts by diversity leaders and champions across the industry. Chenxi's first article will immediately follow this one.

You can also check out IT Security Planet's Equal Respect column, where prominent women from all over the world can, and will, share their expert opinion on cybersecurity news and trends.

Plus, in case you'll be there, we’ll be covering the Black Hat USA 2016 conference, starting with our pre-conference article series What To Expect At Black Hat USA 2016 | Women In Cybersecurity Briefings And Trainings.

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Selena Templeton is the Column Editor for the Women in Security column on IT Security Planet. A freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, JenningsWire and IT Security Planet, Selena also writes and edits for a variety of clients, both solopreneurs and companies, from the entertainment industry to the digital marketing industry.

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