A Dialogue with Roland Cloutier - SVP & CSO of ADP

A dialogue with Roland Cloutier

ITSPmagazine talks with Roland Cloutier, SVP/CSO of ADP, about mission, recreation, and the passion that drives successful InfoSec teams.

ITSPmagazine: What is your role at ADP?

Cloutier: I currently lead a global security organization for ADP – the world's foremost human capital management services firm. I’m fortunate to work with some of the most incredible security, risk, and privacy practitioners in the industry. My specialty is in converged security operations and business operations, and workforce and executive protection management.

ITSPmagazine: Help our readers get to know you a little, outside of your work as an executive and CSO.

Cloutier: I’m a father and husband of 25 years to my high school sweetheart, and I’ve been a security, protection, law-enforcement professional for more than 25 years. Personally, I enjoy spending time outdoors, including boating, fishing, and the sport of precision and practical shooting. I also have a techno geek side that enjoys learning new technologies and skills; most recently I've been introduced to the hobby drone world.

ITSPmagazine: Tell us about a recent accomplishment in your field.

Cloutier: This past year I authored a how-to guide for next-generation security leaders published by Butterworth-Heinemann titled Becoming a Global Chief Security Officer. It was a great personal and professional accomplishment and a lifelong goal I wanted to achieve.

ITSPmagazine: Writing and publishing a book is a major undertaking. What inspired you to take on this challenge?

Cloutier: What inspired me to write my book was constant and repetitive situations that demonstrated a significant gap in material available to young practitioners who wished to join the ranks of security management. Further, it was an opportunity and time in the industry where real and tangible experiences and ideas needed to be made actionable in a framework that was easy to digest and implement. The prompting of several respected peers and requests throughout the industry to share my successes in the development of global security operations, converged security programs, and highly functioning and executing teams, inspired me to create this how-to guide that can be widely shared, repeated, and interpreted across industries and across the globe.

ITSPmagazine: Describe a recent team accomplishment.

Cloutier: I’m fortunate that I lead an incredibly effective team that has had so many impressive achievements in just a few years – from designing and deploying a global integrated threat response network to the implementation of our fifth Critical Incident Response Center (CIRC) opened this past summer. The former intakes more than 15 billion events a day across the globe, turning them into real intelligence and actionable alerts that help defend our global technology platforms, while the latter unifies ADP’s end-to-end converged security protection, detection, and response program There is no shortage of accomplishments when you have an amazing team.

ITSPmagazine: What is most meaningful to you about your work?

Cloutier: One of the reasons that I enjoy my job so much, and am so passionate about my work, is our mission specific to our ability to impact society. ADP supports the delivery of payroll to one in six American workers, one in three Canadian workers, and one in 10 pay slips around the globe. The services that we innovate and deliver around the globe enable companies and economies to focus on what they do best and allow us to ensure their people and citizens are paid. With that trust comes great responsibility. The work that our team does every day around the clock and the globe provides business operations protection services that ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the platforms performing those services. Ensuring that millions of people across the world get paid, and the impact that has on global society, are well worth working hard for.

ITSPmagazine: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Cloutier: There are many things I enjoy about my work – the constant challenge, the complexity, the diversity of work, the ability to lead, and the satisfaction of solving very hard problems.  But perhaps the most enjoyable thing is a sense of mission. I know every day that I get up that millions of citizens in countries around the globe are relying on me and my team to do our job to protect their sensitive information, and to ensure that at the end of their work week, they get their paycheck. This sense of mission, the privilege to serve others, and the opportunity to defend a very important service to the global economy are what I enjoy most about my job.

ITSPmagazine: Given current IT trends, what is one question you would like to ask your peers?

Cloutier: Something I have been focusing on recently is the future of technology in the integration of the work, personal, and social fabric in the business environment. Robotics, IoT, and like technologies are being developed at a lightning pace with minimum security architecture ingrained. They’re coming at us fast and furious, and we need to be ready. What are you doing to educate your teams, prepare their businesses, and enable the future of an integrated technology ecosystem?

ITSPmagazine: How has your work changed your life?

Cloutier: Being in such a challenging career field offers incredible opportunities both professionally and personally. From a professional standpoint, migrating from a career in law enforcement to the commercial sector, I've been able to take years of government training and experience and convert that into a meaningful, purposeful civilian career that continues to positively impact society and the world I live in. From a personal perspective, I've been fortunate that opportunities in my commercial career have greatly expanded my education, knowledge, experiences, and most importantly my growth as a person; and I would not have had it otherwise.

About Roland Cloutier

As Staff Vice President and Chief Security Officer of ADP, Roland Cloutier brings an un precedented understanding and knowledge of global protection and security leadership to one of the world's largest providers of human capital management solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the military, law enforcement, and commercial sector, Roland is one of today’s leading experts in corporate and enterprise security, cyber-defense program development, and business operations protection.  

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