8 Niche Cybersecurity Conferences To Consider

By David Juniper

When it comes to attending cybersecurity conferences, security professionals understandably focus on the big players like RSA – and for good reason. With more than 43,000 attendees this year, RSA is the place where industry-spanning conversations take shape. If a term like “Visibility” recurs at the conference, it will be a buzzword moving forward.

Large conferences like RSA enable security experts to keep their finger on the pulse of the IT zeitgeist. But participation in these conferences is only half of the equation. As cybersecurity threats become both more sophisticated and specialized, there’s an increasing need for security professionals to familiarize themselves with more focused topics.

While conferences like RSA are effective at broad-based education, security professionals also need smaller spaces to knowledge-share at a more industry and subject-focused level. That’s where the niche cybersecurity conference comes into play. For security professionals, the task is to identify their niche and reserve a spot at a relevant conference.

Here are eight of those niche conferences that security experts should take note of:

1. Sansfire 2017

When: July 22-29
Where: Washington, DC

Selling point: In terms of building security knowledge, nothing beats the hands-on experience. And that’s exactly what Sansfire provides – a series of specialized courses emphasizing concrete skills development.

2. Cyber Security Chicago

When: October 18-19
Where: Chicago, IL

Selling point: Despite the large community of technology professionals in the Chicagoland area, there hasn’t been an event that’s brought them together. Cyber Security Chicago is that event. Featuring live hacks, demonstrations, and industry projections, the two-day event will put Chicago on the map as a security destination.

3. Cyber Security For Defense

When: June 26-28
Where: Arlington, VA

Selling point: Given the recent prominence of cybersecurity topics in the our national discourse, this conference is particularly topical. The event will provide a window into emerging national cyberthreats and how bodies like NATO and the CIA are responding.

4. Defend Your Hospital

When: July 25
Where: Springfield, IL

Selling point: Considering that healthcare is one of the most-attacked sectors, it’s important for security professionals working in the industry to know the threats they face. This one-day conference – led by two FBI agents – aims to illuminate those industry-specific issues.

5. Consumer Identity World USA

When: September 12-13
Where: Seattle, WA

Selling point: As a company, are you ensuring the privacy of your customers or users? Consumer Identity World sets out to answer that question with a conference focused on the important practice of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

6. Insider Threat

When: October 24-25
Where: London, UK

Selling point: Most companies focus on outward cyberthreats – but what about threats from within? This conference is a must for security experts looking to refine companywide policies that preempt malicious internal incidents.

7. Financial Crime Conference

When: October 16-17
Where: Boston, MA

Selling point: The intersection of cybercrime and finance is a topic that’s relevant for all security professionals. This conference will identify emerging cyber-fueled financial threats while offering actionable steps for industries like banking.


When: November 7-10
Where: Tokyo, Japan

Selling point: This Tokyo-based event is notable for its international networking opportunities, providing a global forum for industry professionals to learn across languages (translators are present).

By attending a combination of large security conferences and smaller, more focused events centered around specific industries and threat types, security professionals can ensure they’re in the best shape to handle a sector increasingly defined by change and complexity.  

About David Juniper

David Juniper is the Event Director for the Cyber Security Event Series. Prior to joining the Cyber Security Event Series in 2014, David served as a Sales Manager and Key Account Manager at Reed Business Information, a provider of information, analytics and data to business professionals worldwide.

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