20 Tips From HITRUST 2016

The HITRUST 2016 conference featured great presentations, fantastic panel discussions and impressive attendance from some of the world’s top healthcare professionals. Many of the world’s top healthcare institutions were also represented. HITRUST 2016 is the nation’s most extensive health information protection conference designed to bring together the top minds from industry, government, technology, and professional services. There’s a lot going on in the world of health information privacy and security these days; changing compliance requirements, emerging technologies and evolving cyber threats, just to name a few.

Below are the top 20 tips from the presenters and panelists which were outlined during this prestigious event:

  1. Keep cybersecurity on your agenda (learn more)
  2. Do your math homework for risk management (learn more)
  3. Have a risk management and incident response plan and exercise it (learn more)
  4. Train, train, train—and then train some more (learn more)
  5. Continue to share information and threat intelligence (learn more)
  6. Know the scope of your pending OCR phase 2 audits (learn more)
  7. Understand the logistics and mechanics of the incident response process (learn more)
  8. Start preparing your questionnaire and supporting documentation to address third party risk (learn more)
  9. Be proactive and define what a “comprehensive assessment” means (learn more)
  10. Adhere to the encryption requirements (learn more)
  11. Get your BA listing and agreements in order (learn more)
  12. Don’t skimp on your BA due diligence (learn more)
  13. Remember, you can’t hide from an audit (learn more)
  14. Put your best foot forward; it’s all about your behavior (learn more)
  15. Take advantage of this opportunity (learn more)
  16. Keep current backups and air gap them (learn more - opens a PDF)
  17. Separate home from work to safeguard credentials (learn more - opens a PDF)
  18. When a breach occurs, don’t rush to unplug the system(s) (learn more - opens a PDF)
  19. Anticipate the need (and timing required) to re-build critical servers (learn more - opens a PDF)
  20. Don’t go poking around to see what happened when malware strikes (learn more - opens a PDF)

These tips are designed to help healthcare professionals get a grasp on health security, privacy, and risk. Experts also encourage collaboration and information sharing as a best practice means to stay ahead of the threat curve as we all strive to provide the best health products and services to our patients while adhering to their right to privacy.

This HITRUST conference proved highly relevant and extremely valuable to all professionals concerned with the health industry’s ongoing efforts to protect health data and other personally-identifiable information from the cyber threats targeting our businesses and institutions.

For the complete series of posts covering each day of the conference, visit the HITRUST 2016 recap at http://itspm.ag/htcrecap.

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