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Innovate Pasadena Cyber Happy Hour | September 2018



September 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

The average amateur golfer should be hitting a golf ball 400 yds (its more like 240 yards)! Average golfers can't hit the ball straight, let alone the amazing distance of 400 yds.

Cyber vendors offer similar claims, inflated at best, as worst, utterly false. Most of us prefer to do business with folks and vendors we trust. What if we don't have trust, and it becomes a a high-risk gamble where the vendor makes $$ and you end up being outsourced or terminated as cyber leader/team member? Yes, this happens often.

Do we have your attention now?

1) Do you feel like its nearly impossible to decipher or validate cyber vendor claims?
2) Do you feel like you're being sold a bag of risk instead of a bag of goods?
3) Are we really reducing breach costs, simplifying cyber risk, and properly transferring risk


Terence Runge - Head of Security @ Illumio
Aaron Guzman - Head of Automotive & IOT @ AON
Christine "Panda" Tang

Join us on Wed Sept 19th as we welcome a new member to the IPCH2 family, Western Asset.

***Please bring a photo ID****

Western Asset have graciously provided IPCH2 w an amazing venue, support staff, food & beverages! Come join us for a seriously entertaining and educational event!

PS: No wine under $50