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2nd Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Conference


Analysis & Clarification of the FDA Post-Market Device Cybersecurity Management Guidance, Continuously Identifying Vulnerabilities & Ensuring Robust Threat Response Strategies all while Proactively Integrating Cybersecurity into Device Design.

Throughout the medical device industry, manufacturers are increasingly developing products including cutting-edge technology linked to online networks or to other medical devices. Recent cases of medical device hacking have shed light on the obscure world of cyber-criminality, and created awareness of potential device vulnerability to security breaches. The industry is therefore analyzing strategies to ensure product safety and reduce information security risks to a minimum, in the effort of continuously providing innovative and safe, technology to patients across the globe. Among various solutions utilized to address the increase in medical device cyber threats, including cybersecurity measures in initial product design as well as implementing a transparent communication strategy to educate all stakeholders involved ensure a proactive approach to potential risks.