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An ITSP column and podcast series with Selena Templeton.

We all know about the lack of diversity in the technology industry. These days everybody is talking about diversity and inclusion, but who is actually walking the talk? 

It pains me that we are still having (or avoiding) the same conversations and struggles around equality that we did in the 1960s and the 1920s and the 1860s. We are now officially out of ignorant excuses and unreasonable reasons for not making the cybersecurity and tech industries as diverse as the world is.

The statistics show that different backgrounds and perspectives not only lead to a happier workplace and better world, but to greater results. Beyond gender, race, age, sexual orientation and neurodiversity, a diverse group of people is the best solution for solving problems. 

And since ALL kinds of people use technology, ALL kinds of people should be involved in the building, programming, hiring and securing of this technology. If you can’t be inclusive because it’s the right thing to do, at least be inclusive for better business ROI. You don’t think hackers and other cyber criminals are tiptoeing around diversity, do you?

The mission of Diverse IT is to take a direct and more solution-oriented approach by providing a safe platform for this cause. Through conversational interviews with a wide range of industry folks, I aim to give a voice to the thoughts, ongoing efforts and inspirations of all our guests – and turn the diversity clock forward! 

If you have an inspiring story to tell, I want to hear from you. You might be the next awesome guest on ITSPmagazine’s Diverse IT podcast! 

- Selena Templeton

Upcoming Podcast Episodes

From Liberal Arts to InfoSec
Guest: Theresa Abbamondi, NETSCOUT Arborell
Host: Selena Templeton

If You Say You’ve Looked for Diverse Talent and Can’t Find It, You’re either Lazy or a Liar
Guests: Kathie Miley, COO of Cybrary | Gabrielle Hempel, Security Analyst at Accenture
Host: Selena Templeton

The Power of NPower for Underrepresented Folks in Cybersecurity
Guests: Alex Martinez, former student and Triage Analyst at Bloomberg
Hosts: Selena Templeton and Sean Martin

Men Advocating for Women Helps Everyone — and a Business’ Bottom Line
Guest: Rania Anderson, President of President of The Way WoMen Work
Host: Selena Templeton

Fighting Fraud with Machine Learning
Guest: Jason Tan, CEO & Co-founder of Science Sift
Host: Selena Templeton

Diverse by Design — How netlogx Achieved a 50% Female Workforce
Guest: Audrey Taylor, CEO of netlogx
Host: Selena Templeton


Future Topics of Interest

Diversity and Inclusion Beyond Gender and Race
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Unconscious Bias
Neurodiversity (Autism, Asperger's, Introversion, Dyslexia)
Recruitment Pipelines & Underrepresented Talent
Success Stories about Company-wide Diversity
Inclusive Job Descriptions & Hiring Processes
Getting Kids Excited about STEM
Mentorship, Education & Diversity

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