How to be part of ITSPmagazine story telling experience.

After over 450 contributions from 100s of cybersecurity experts, we have decided to raise the bar even further for those who wish to write on ITSPmagazine. The Experts Corner is now closed for open article submissions and we have moved to a guest writer model where we will seek subject matter experts to contribute to the topics we believe are important to highlight and share with our readers.

This decision enables ITSPmagazine to focus on growth while ensuring that we remain squarely At the Intersection of Technology, CyberSecurity, and Society.

You and your company can still contribute by writing and telling meaningful stories to our readers; you just have to do it differently now.

Here is how:

  1. Contact us to let us know that you would like to participate as a subject matter expert guest in one of our podcasts published in our Columns or Unusual Gatherings, letting us know what area of expertise you have and what conversation topic you would like to suggest.

  2. Contact us to let us know that your story is promotional in nature and you want us to help you tell it in podcast or webcast format.

  3. Be part of our on-location conference conversations before, during, and after key industry events with a Their Story podcast.

  4. Find out what other ways you and your company can become an ITSPmagazine sponsor and benefit from our Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership programs.

We believe that all these options make for even better stories that our audiences will enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and sharing.

Thanks for being part of our journey!

~ITSPmagazine Editorial Team