Prevailion is a compromise intelligence company, transforming the way organizations approach risk mitigation and business decision-making. Through next-level tailored intelligence and a zero-touch platform, Prevailion provides a full view of confirmed evidence of compromise for customers and their partner ecosystems.

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Paubox is the easiest way to send and receive HIPAA compliant email. The following solutions are HITRUST certified: Paubox Encrypted Email, Secure Email API, Email DLP Suite, and Inbound Security.

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Founded in 2013, Privoro aspired to provide a way of opting out of the mobile revolution’s unwarranted data collection and surveillance. Eschewing the vulnerable smartphone ecosystem, the company has pioneered first-of-their-kind mobile security hardware protections that allow individuals, enterprises and governments to take back control over their most important information.

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Perimeter 81


Perimeter 81 is a Secure Network as a Service designed to simplify secure cloud, network and application access for the modern and distributed workforce. Unlike traditional hardware-based firewall and VPN technology, our SaaS solution, which utilizes the zero trust Software-Defined Perimeter model, simply and securely connects employees to cloud-based and internal network resources, and ensures the same level of unified security – whether employees are working in or out of the office. Our clients include Fortune 500 businesses and industry leaders across a wide range of sectors, and our partners are among the world’s foremost MSPs and channel resellers.







Panorays automates third party security management. The platform enables companies to easily view, manage and engage on the security posture of their third-parties, vendors, suppliers, and business partners.

With the Panorays platform, companies dramatically shorten their third-party security evaluation process and gain continuous visibility while ensuring compliance to regulations such as GDPR and NY DFS. Panorays is a SaaS-based platform, no installation needed

 Panorays is currently being successfully implemented by client organizations in financial services, healthcare, automotive, technology, and retail.

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Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University

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To address the accelerating problem of cyber risk, an interdisciplinary team of CISOs, executives, and business thought leaders at Pepperdine Graziadio are providing a Cyber Risk Professional (CyRP) Certification.

CyRP is designed for business professionals and leaders regardless of technical background or the business verticals they work. Business leaders with this certification will be prepared to identify, evaluate, prepare for, and mitigate cyber security risk. CyRP is designed and taught by the same faculty who teach in the globally recognized Pepperdine Executive MBA program as well as CISOs from companies in Silicon Valley and professionals engaged in addressing cybersecurity across the US.


Protect Against the Growing Risks of Cybercrime

Become the driving force against the accelerating problem of potential cyber threats in your organization; earn the Cyber Risk Professional (CyRP) Certificate. Regardless of industry or technical background, CyRP will prepare business leaders to effectively identify, evaluate, prepare for and mitigate cybersecurity threats. The program highlights include:

  • CyRP is designed and taught by Pepperdine faculty and an interdisciplinary board of CISOs, executives and business thought leaders

  • Four comprehensive course modules

  • The certificate is equivalent to four continuing education credits

Upcoming CyRP Programs | Hybrid and Online

Hybrid Program Dates

Spring 2019
March 8-9, 2019 (Malibu)
April 19-20, 2019 (West LA)

Fall 2019
August 16-17, 2019 (Malibu)
September 20-21, 2019 (West LA)

Online Program Dates

Spring 2019
March 8 - April 20, 2019

Fall 2019
August 23 - September 28, 2019

A Unique Learning Experience With ITSPmagazine

CyRP is thrilled to partner with the team at ITSPmagazine to create a unique learning experience driven by the students and the ITSPmagazine expert contributor community. Some of the dedicated resources the students will find include:

  • Dedicated student, faculty, and community Q&A platform

  • CyRP-tailored experts corner articles and chronicles

  • Educational webcasts and podcasts

Expected Program Outcomes

The CyRP certification will equip you and other business leaders with the tools to be effective in the dialogue and management of cybersecurity risks. This certification will develop your understanding and expertise in:

  • The threat landscape

  • Cyber law

  • The "building to break" concept

  • Critical cyber risk frameworks

  • The risk-based approach to cybersecurity

  • Calculating the cost per breach, mitigation, and what this means for your bottom line

  • Incidence response

  • Strategic opportunities that strong cybersecurity brings

Additionally, this certification will provide you with the ability to answer the following questions:

  • How do I change my culture to embrace security?

  • What questions should I ask my board?

  • How much should I invest in security?

  • How do I speak to my executive team about cybersecurity?

  • What questions should I ask my CISO?

  • What does my board wish I would tell them about cybersecurity?

Who Should Enroll

Business leaders in any function or industry that need to be effective in the dialogue and management of cyber risk inside his or her organization should consider taking this course and earning this certification. If you are a business leader interested in positioning your company more effectively against cyber risk and even potentially lowering your cyber liability premiums, you should sign up and inquire about group rates for your departments, divisions, or colleagues.

Meet The CyRP Team

The CyRP program was designed by top professors, practitioners, leaders, and luminaries representing academia, government, and commercial organizations.

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ThePLUG is the first daily tech newsletter covering founders, innovators, and investors of color.

Every weekday we help our readers connect to important tech stories that cover ground beyond the usual cast of characters. We open our coverage and analysis in and beyond Silicon Valley to track the hustlers making moves across the world. Our newsletter seeks to set a standard for the expansion and depth of diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship, startup environments, and technological progress.




Real-time visibility and protection for critical applications and data via Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

Prevoty is dedicated to solving the challenges of application security. Applications are the heart of business, accessing and processing sensitive data. Network security has limited purview into what happens inside an application, and sophisticated hackers bypass perimeter defenses far too easily. 

After keeping hackers at bay for years, our founders realized that true application security requires radical thinking: applications must self-defend at runtime. 

Using LANGSEC, Prevoty developed a solution that monitors and protects applications at runtime, neutralizing actual attacks and providing unprecedented visibility into your production environment. Organizations rely on Prevoty’s high-performing RASP products to reduce runtime risk and eliminate vulnerability backlogs.

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Experts Corner Webinar
Application Security In An Open Source World

Securing applications that rely on third-party
and open source software

Aside from the data they collect, create, and store, applications can oftentimes be an organization's greatest digital asset. Building custom applications to match the customer and market demands mapped to revenue objectives and available resources can be tremendously rewarding, but also a potentially-huge undertaking.

Ultimately, time to market is always a factor ... a requirement that almost always wins out over security. One way to tackle the time and effort to deliver more quickly is to leverage third party and open source components. But, do these elements save you in the long run - or do they introduce more risk in the form of potential vulnerabilities that are either not easily uncovered (at best) or not easily patched (if patchable at all)?

To answer these questions and more, we've pulled together a group of experts that deal with these challenges on a daily basis.

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Now is not the time to point fingers, says Prevoty's Kunal Anand in response to the Equifax breach

On the heals of the announcement alerting roughly half of the American population to the fact that their personal information was exposed in a breach at Equifax, Kunal Anand, CTO and co-founder of application security solution provider, Prevoty, chats with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin to explore how this might have happened and what the scope and scale of the situation looks like.

While we know very little at this point, given the source of the breach being attributed to an application vulnerability, what can we glean from the Equifax breach? First, there are a couple significant questions that need to be answered. Such as, how can so much data be exposed in plain text? What was the trigger behind the detection? We may not know the answers to these questions for quite some time, but we should all be asking ourselves, how come application security doesn’t get the attention it deserves within an organization, especially when applications are likely the most critical asset a company has (second to the data the apps connect to)?

Regardless of the answers to these questions (and more), Kunal’s advice for both the industry and the organizations that are facing this threat themselves is to not point fingers at Equifax and to recognize that this could happen to any of us. This is not the time to dog pile on another breach story; rather it is a time to reflect and learn.

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Proficio is an award winning cloud-based cyber security company providing 24x7 security event monitoring, advanced threat detection, and breach prevention services. We are changing the way organizations meet their security and compliance goals by providing powerful SIEM technology delivered as fully managed services combined with 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) services. Proficio provides customers multiple advantages over vanilla MSSPs including more accurate and actionable alerts, customized use case analytics, threat intelligence, automated response, and full visibility to an organization’s security posture. Proficio is the trusted security provider to some of the world’s leading utility, healthcare, industrial and consumer-focused organizations.




Preempt protects enterprises from security breaches and malicious insiders with an innovative and patented approach that couples User and Entity Behavior Analysis and Adaptive Response to provide the most effective solution for both detecting and automatically responding to security threats. This proactive approach allows organizations to preempt threats in real-time without engaging already overwhelmed security teams. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco and development in Israel.


PFU Systems Inc.


PFU Systems Inc. is a leading technology solutions company – empowering its clients to achieve greater success through superior quality hardware, innovative software and reliable customer service.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with engineering, manufacturing and sales facilities in Plymouth, Minnesota, PFU Systems Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of Japan-based PFU Limited.


Palo Alto Networks


As the next-generation security company, we are leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling all applications and preventing advanced threats from achieving their objectives for tens of thousands of organizations around the world. We are one of the fastest growing security companies in the market because of our deep expertise, commitment to innovation, and game-changing security platform focused on bringing an end to the era of breaches by uniquely integrating our Next-Generation Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and Threat Intelligence Cloud.