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What makes a business more susceptible to attack? Neill Feather from SiteLock explains.

Websites run the business - and you want yours to be available for good visitors, but how can you tell the good from the bad? To make matters worse, there are a variety of attacks and compromise to consider: it’s not just malware or a denial of service attack that could make or break the business. In fact, based on recent survey data from SiteLock, two-thirds of customers won’t go back to a company whose website had been breached. Feather also suggests that dealing with an attack against a website is very different - and requires very different tools - than an attack resulting in an endpoint compromise. What makes a business more susceptible to attack you ask? You’ll want to listen to this interview with Neill to find out. He shared his insights on these topics, and more, during his chat with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin during Black Hat 2017.