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At Optimal IdM, we pride ourselves on innovation and superior customer service. With Optimal IdM you receive a customizable enterprise identity management solution that meets the specific security and scalability needs of your organization at an affordable price. It is The Optimal Difference that puts us ahead of the competition.

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Jeff Bohren describes the challenges with managing identity in today’s hyper-connected world

What are the challenges with managing identity in today’s hyper-connected world? What is the role of federated identity management? How does the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact how identities are managed? Jeff Bohren, senior software architect for Optimal IDM, spends some time with ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, Sean Martin, during Black Hat USA 2017. The two explore these topics and more. Listen to find out how companies can leverage federated identities to reduce their exposure to non-compliance with GDPR and how 2FA and MFA needs to be considered as well, but in the context of each business scenario at hand.