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Brian Knopf from Neustar discusses security and privacy with the Internet of Things with Sean Martin

In this new episode of audio news coming to you from Black Hat USA 2017, Sean Martin connects with Brian Knopf, Senior Director of Security Research & IoT Architect at Neustar. Brian has been involved with the Internet of Things for quite some time and therefore has a ton of insight into how security and privacy are impacted - especially given the numbers and types of connected devices hitting the market each and every day.

Leading off of his work at I am the Cavalry, Brian remains a proponent for a security and privacy rating system, a system that would give consumers and businesses alike an easier means to understand the trade-offs they are making when using these devices. In short, Brian suggests that when we got security, we essentially lost privacy in certain ways… but both are equally important.

We catch a glimpse into Brian’s genius in this short podcast - I hope you enjoy it.

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