As information technology becomes more advanced, including increased convenience due to the development of cloud computing and the popularity of smart devices, naturally, security measures in the cyber sphere become more important. Nowadays, cyber attacks significantly impact the management and safety of various organizations and groups. In recent years, cyber attacks have been used internationally not only to get money, but also to steal classified information for corporations and nations.

Disadvantages for an endpoint product like FFRI yarai include the considerable cost during introduction, as the product must be installed on each computer terminal. However, it also has the advantage that, as it can protect against the attack itself, it can prevent damages from occurring and reduce costs for reactive measures.

We believe that information technology will continue to advance, leading to even more diversified information technology applications, and that cyber threats will also change faster than ever before. However, we will continue to keep pace with these changes to provide optimal protection technology in a timely manner, contributing to the safety and security of this computer-based society.

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Yuji Ukai & Pablo Garcia, from Tokyo-based endpoint security company, FFRI, from Black Hat USA 2017

Years after working with them at eEye Digital Security, I connected with Yuji Ukai and Pablo Garcia, now working for Tokyo-based endpoint security company, FFRI. Yuji is the founder and CEO and Pablo is heading up all of the North American operations for FFRI. During our conversation. we discuss some of the challenges small and medium sized businesses face, with the pair offering some suggestions and tips for this massive group of organizations to consider.

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