Cyphort, Inc. is a security software company providing mid- and large-size enterprise customers with innovative security analytics for advanced threat defense. The solution is built with an open architecture that integrates with existing security tools to discover and contain the advanced threats that bypass the first line of security defense in an organization.

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Mounir Hahad from Cyphort Labs reminds us: the end goal is to protect our customers and users

Mounir Hahad, Sr. Director at Cyphort Labs connected with ITSPmagazine’s Sean Martin during the Black Hat USA 2017. During their conversation, Hahad reminds us all that the end goal for the industry is to protect our customers and provide a safe environment for the end users to conduct their business. With this in mind, Hahad also puts a call out to the industry at large to work together, suggesting that business and technical partnerships should not be limited to the behemoths that want to control the market nor the startups that are looking for a creative, partnership-driven means to enter the market. In other words, it’s going to require all of us to work together if we are to successfully tackle the problem of cybercrime.

As Mournir described the threat landscape for me, he noted that, while accessing malicious content via the web is still a prevalent threat, email seems to be the most common vector for delivery of malicious code - such as that found in some of the recent ransomware attacks. As organizations look to address the threat of ransomware, Mounir offered some fundamental recommendations to help them prepare for a pending ransomware attack: 1) back up your data safely offline, 2) employ a defense in depth model while not relying on a single technology for protection, and 3) patch, patch, patch.

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