IoT Security

Rubicon Labs


Every connected device must be secured down to the smallest sensors, MCUs, and ECUs below the gateway. We enable IoT makers and service providers to add trust, identity, and secure their devices.

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Indegy protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error, by providing visibility, security and control. Our solution offers an advanced Industrial Cyber Security Suite that  leverages a hybrid of policy-based monitoring and networks anomaly detection, and unique device integrity checks for full visibility into ICS activities and threats.


ForceShield, Inc.


ForceShield, the IoT Defender, is the world's first dynamic security provider to the IoT industries. ForceShield’s cybersecurity solutions help device manufacturers, system integrators and OEM bring secure IoT products to market. ForceShield is the trusted provider of IoT protection to the world’s largest high-end home router vendor, and national governments. ForceShield's investors include Eight Roads (Fidelity International) and Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited (SCEA). ForceShield is privately held with offices in Palo Alto, and an R&D center in Asia


Blackberry QNX


Over the past 35 years, QNX software has become a big part of everyday life. People encounter QNX-controlled systems whenever they drive, shop, watch TV, use the Internet, or even turn on a light. Its ultra-reliable nature means QNX software is the preferred choice for life-critical systems such as air traffic control systems, surgical equipment, and nuclear power plants. And its cool multimedia features have QNX software turning up in everything from in-dash radios and infotainment systems to the latest casino gaming terminals.

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Veracity provides an innovative industrial network platform that improves the reliability, efficiency, and security of industrial networks and devices, without adding another layer of complexity to the network.

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Paul Myer talks w/Sean Martin during Black Hat 2017, discussing securing OT, Operational Technology

As an industry, we often focus on information technology and information security. And, while the media as a whole covers stories of denial of service attacks and power grid shut-downs, as a general rule, the industry seems to be obsessed with protecting information - protecting the traditional IT systems that manage that data - intellectual property, customer data, financials, and more. However, based on a conversation I had with Paul Myer, CEO of Veracity Industrial Networks, that needs to change - we need more attention paid to the operation technology - or “OT” space. Listen in as I catch up with Paul during Black Hat 2017 - I suspect you’ll look at cybersecurity in a different way after hearing what he has to say.


Softweb IoT


Softweb IoT is a division of Softweb Solutions Inc.  Founded in 2004, Softweb Solutions is one of the fastest growing tech consulting companies in Chicago providing state-of-the-art IoT solutions. We started with the aim of helping companies take advantage of the software revolution and are now focusing on helping them implement IoT. We not only make companies realize the benefits of IoT, but also offer the technical expertise that helps them to setup, manage and run an IoT system.


Skyport Systems


Skyport Systems delivers a remotely managed platform that establishes a secure enclave for the enterprise’s most critical applications. Skyport Systems’ SkySecure is the first turn-key and security-embedded platform in the commercial marketplace to re-architect compute, security, and virtualization into a single technology stack, keeping data on-premises and mission-critical IT and assets safe. Skyport is funded by Sutter Hill Ventures and Intel Capital.




As an IoT cybersecurity platform, Senrio provides visibility and analytics for networked embedded devices (aka The Internet of Things) where traditional, signature-based security technologies fail to provide actionable insights. Senrio uses patented technology to enumerate and categorize devices on your network and provide context-rich analytics based on device-specific behavior and adaptive learning.  All this is done passively and without deep-packet inspection, making Senrio incredibly scalable and easy to deploy in healthcare, industrial control, retail, and corporate environments alike. 


Labeeb IoT


Labeeb IoT is an Internet of Things applications enablement platform, which works according to the Platform-as-a-Service paradigm. It provides a wide of range of services to ease the development and deployment of IoT solutions.

With the Labeeb IoT comprehensive suite of platform capabilities, tools and SDKs, third party companies and developers can achieve faster time-to-market for their IoT projects while reducing their overall R&D costs.

The Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) is the first independent innovations center in the region with a focus on developing and deploying smart mobility systems and services. QMIC’s main goal is to use locally engineered innovations and knowledge to create technology-based industries that address regional challenges and grow with mega projects in Qatar and the region. Since 2009, and through its focus, on distributed sensing, data collection & management, services creation and delivery, QMIC is becoming a national leader in the area of Internet of Things (IoT). In particular, QMIC has been leading in delivering IoT platforms, and IoT solutions and services in vertical domains including Intelligent Transport, Logistics & Telematics, Road Safety and Environment. Through its offices at the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), QMIC is working closely with key national partners and stakeholders to realize a market-focused innovations ecosystem in Qatar. 




InfiniteT3ch is a IoT development firm that provides consulting services to modern workplaces. Its software unifies device connectivity, platform integration, and workflow logistics. And at a high level is written to bridge future goals in work process, integrate user input, and monitor correct order of operation in devices. InfiniteT3ch software is completely self written, made from open source tools and components using open kernels (Google Brillo) and IoT platforms (Alya IoT). InfiniteT3ch currently services North American companies needing IoT development today.



Arxan cover.jpg

Arxan is the trusted leader of Application Attack Prevention and Self-Protection products for Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Gaming, Digital Media, and other embedded applications. Arxan provides the most comprehensive end-to-end enterprise solution for application protection including a robust software/cloud solution, a strong ecosystem of partners, a leading-edge research group, professional services, and a world class support organization. We help organizations protect their applications from hacker attacks by making their applications resilient to prevent hackers from tampering and also blocking attacks real time in static or run-time mode. This also helps customers get compliant with regulatory and industry standards including PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, OWASP, among others. By deterring application attacks, we protect customers from financial loss, brand damage, IP theft, stolen credentials, and fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access, non-compliance with standards, and more.


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