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Social-Engineer, LLC


Founded in 2008, Social‐Engineer, LLC has paved the way towards social engineering's recognition, comprehension, and progression, and offers world-class social engineering assessment, execution, education, and transformation. Striving to create a more secure world through education, Social‐Engineer, LLC developed a plethora of comprehensive resources on Social-Engineer.Org for its far-reaching audience including most notably, the Social Engineering Framework. Additionally, both private and government entities have adopted the Social Engineering Code of Ethics. Along with establishing the pathway for professional social engineering, Social‐Engineer, LLC provides its decades of expertise and experience to organizations and individuals in government, law enforcement, and the private sector.




Tiffin Cyber


Tiffin Cyber serves the small business and M&A communities with cybersecurity assessments and compliance readiness to identify gaps, design and implement remediation plans, architect software solutions, and provide ongoing oversight, all tailored to the unique cybersecurity needs and budgets of the organization. Tiffin Cyber makes the complex world of cyber defense easier to understand and consume.






Building Noble Solutions is a Research and Development organization that specializes in Data Analytics, Brand Strategy, and Technology Trends through Unified Enablement Partnerships. We collaboratively and creatively work towards establishing relevant data models and precision programs that fine-tune and enable data efficiencies, end user experience, and brand awareness.


Asset Panda


The Asset Panda Asset Tracking and Management Platform is the most flexible and customizable system in the industry for tracking and managing your assets. Going beyond fixed asset tracking, Asset Panda optimizes and streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management, equipment support ticketing, compliance, and purchase order management.


Momentum Cyber


Momentum Cyber provides world-class M&A and strategic advice combined with unparalleled senior-level access to the Cybersecurity ecosystem. We advise on a broad range of strategic activities, including mergers and acquisitions, board & special situations, corporate strategy & development, corporate finance, and operational excellence. We are a mission driven firm with a passion for Cybersecurity.




Dedicated to Small Businesses

Kabbage empowers small businesses through straightforward, flexible access to capital. We've extended more than $4 Billion directly to small business owners and powered automated funding for other organizations all over the globe – all while maintaining a remarkably high laughter quotient.

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