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DigitalStakeout enables risk managers and security professionals to detect and mitigate threats on the surface web, social media, deep web and proprietary sources. Our vision is to provide every organization a simple and cost-effective way to investigate and analyze external data to make better security decisions. We combine asset discovery, data collection, entity extraction, language processing, security analytics, and workflow automation into a single platform.




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Lacework is the industry’s first solution to bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security enabling enterprises to safely innovate fast in the cloud. Unlike conventional security tools built for static datacenters, the Lacework solution is designed to self-adapt to the cloud ever-changing configuration and workloads.

The Lacework Cloud Security Platform monitors all components deployed in the cloud: applications, processes, workloads, VMs, containers, machines, users, accounts and more. By ingesting and processing far more data than other solutions, Lacework leaves no space for hackers to hide. Just like DevOps automates code deployment, Lacework automates cloud security, empowering IT to continuously keep cloud environments secure and compliant.


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Aleada Consulting


Aleada is one of the first boutique privacy and data protection consulting firms in Silicon Valley. Female and minority owned. We understand law and technology and we simplify privacy so our clients can focus on their business.


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At Smarttech247 we help companies of all sizes to secure their networks and their critical assets. Smarttech247 is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified by the NSAI for the provision of managed security services, penetration testing and managed IT support. We operate world class security operation centres (SOC) with offices located in Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary. In the highly complex and challenging IT security landscape companies must be armed with the best-of-breed technology. This is why we leverage our partner network and use only the best technical solutions. Our partnerships with leading vendors such as Trend Micro, IBM and Palo Alto Networks allow us to provide the most cutting edge IT security solutions available on the market.



Vectra Networks


Vectra is the leader in applying artificial intelligence to detect cyberattacks and hunt for threats before they do damage. Powered by AI, Vectra and its flagship Cognito platform enable the world’s most consequential enterprise organizations to automatically detect hidden cyberattacks and empower threat hunters to perform highly efficient investigations. Comprehensive, enterprise-wide cyberattack detection and threat hunting are mandatory in today’s vulnerable data environments and the stakes have never been higher. No other company comes close to Vectra in proactively hunting down cyberattackers and reducing business risk.


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Binary Sun Cyber Risk Advisors


Binary Sun Cyber Risk Advisors specializes in strategic & operational guidance on cybersecurity for companies of all sizes. Focussing on Cybersecurity for Tomorrow’s Threats - we enable Boards, the C-Suite, VC/M&A Investors with advice & guidance on the intersection of cybersecurity, risk, law, privacy, and business.

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RSAC 2018 | Is GDPR really that big of a step for privacy? A conversation with Dr. Chris Pierson

RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco is now over, and it was great to be part of it.

After so many conversations and so much running around, Friday arrived and we decided to have one more recap chat with Dr. Chris Pierson, right before the last of the three talks he was delivering at this RSA Conference.

It is always good to see him, and it was not the first time at this year's event, as we had invited him to moderate one of the five Expert Panels that we streamed live and recorded in San Francisco: “GDPR, Identity, And Cybersecurity”.

Following up on that conversation, we wanted to summarize what the GDPR and privacy talk felt like during RSA, and what to expect from this critical step for privacy.

This was a good conversation.Let’s listen.

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CounterCraft is a pioneering deception-based cybersecurity platform that runs automated counterintelligence campaigns in the digital realm. Its Cyber Deception Platform provide active defense and protects large enterprises with trustworthy alerts and real-time active response.

Award-winning, the company was founded in 2015 by an experienced executive team. Today its solution is used by Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Fortune500 companies. CounterCraft is backed by leading VC firms and operates globally.



Halock Security Labs


HALOCK is the only information security consulting advisory firm that combines the thought leadership and diagnostic capabilities of the premiere management consulting firms with deep technical expertise and a proven ability to get things done. Unlike other information security firms, HALOCK is both your strategic and technical security partner, demonstrating excellence in both analysis and execution.


Bob's Business

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Bob’s Business Ltd is an award-winning Information Security Awareness training provider that specializes in developing and delivering engaging campaigns. Bob’s Business has been delivering Information Security Awareness campaigns for over 10 years, with experience of working with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from small organizations with 10 users to clients with over 60,000 users, spread over multiple locations.

Bob’s Business delivers a range of services to help develop a secure workplace culture. 

These include:
- Cyber & Information Security Awareness and eLearning Campaigns
- Think Before You Click - Phishing Assessment, Awareness and Training Service
- GDPR eLearning Modules
- Mobile Compatible Learning Management System Support & Maintenance
- Bespoke Content Development




Silverfort protects enterprises from data breaches, cyber attacks and insider threats, by preventing credential compromise and misuse across the entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure. Silverfort leverages patent-pending technology to seamlessly harden the basic authentication and access mechanisms used by all client devices and services, instantly equipping them with the latest authentication and access protection technology without any change or integration.

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Rubicon Labs


Every connected device must be secured down to the smallest sensors, MCUs, and ECUs below the gateway. We enable IoT makers and service providers to add trust, identity, and secure their devices.

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DataLocker products secure sensitive data using military-grade 256-bit encryption. With a wide range of products, DataLocker offers both hardware based external storage and software based cloud storage encryption options. Hardware based products do not require software or drivers to manage, encrypt or decrypt data.

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Effectively share, use, and secure ALL of the APIs your
organization touches - both internal and external.

Easily and securely.

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Founded in a garage in 1996, we’ve grown into a world leader in risk-based composite authentication and biometric identity management. Our solutions address a range of concerns in today’s rapidly changing security climate – from preventing data breaches by eliminating the password to ensuring the safety of a country’s citizens by verifying refugees seeking asylum against biometric databases.


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Identity management, authentication, and access control technologies and business processes are directly impacted by the resurgence in the identity management and access control market. With this, they ways run which we access systems and data is also changing. Will passwords go the way of the dodo bird? If so, what does that world look like? How can the world look to government entities such as Estonia and Singapore to provide better identity management and control? These questions, and more, are discussed during this conversation between Jeff Carpenter from Crossmatch and Sean Martin from ITSPmagazine.


Juniper Networks

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Juniper Networks simplifies the complexities of networking with products, solutions and services in the cloud era to transform the way we connect, work and live. We remove the traditional constraints of networking to enable our customers and partners to deliver automated, scalable and secure networks that connect the world.


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Nick Bilogorskiy from Juniper Networks chats with Sean Martin, Editor in Chief for ITSPmagazine, about his entry into the cybersecurity market, his role at Juniper Networks, and the relevance of cryptocurrency and crypto-mining/crypto-jacking in cybersecurity.


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Mounir Hahad reminds us: the end goal is to protect our customers and users

Mounir Hahad, Sr. Director at Cyphort Labs (now part of Juniper Networks) connected with ITSPmagazine’s Sean Martin during the Black Hat USA 2017. During their conversation, Hahad reminds us all that the end goal for the industry is to protect our customers and provide a safe environment for the end users to conduct their business. With this in mind, Hahad also puts a call out to the industry at large to work together, suggesting that business and technical partnerships should not be limited to the behemoths that want to control the market nor the startups that are looking for a creative, partnership-driven means to enter the market. In other words, it’s going to require all of us to work together if we are to successfully tackle the problem of cybercrime.




RiskSense® is the pioneer in threat and vulnerability prioritization. The company enables enterprises and governments to reveal cyber risk, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results. This is done by unifying and contextualizing internal security intelligence, external threat data, and business criticality across a growing attack surface.

The RiskSense SaaS Platform embodies the expertise and intimate knowledge gained from real world experience in defending critical networks from the world’s most dangerous cyber adversaries.

RiskSense customer can significantly shorten time-to-remediation, increase operational efficiency, strengthen their security programs, improve cyber hygiene, heighten response readiness, reduce costs, and ultimately minimize cyber risks.

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IDA Ireland


Ireland's inward investment promotion agency, the IDA, is a non-commercial, semi-state body promoting Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland through a wide range of services. We partner with potential and existing investors to help them establish or expand their operations in Ireland.

Ireland is an ideal base for market serving operations to EMEA and for engineering hubs, some of the international cyber companies with operations in Ireland include: Alien Vault, Cylance, eSentire, FireEye, IDT911, Ivanti, Kaspersky Labs, Malwarebytes, McAfee, Quest, SonicWALL, Symantec, Tenable Networks, Total Defence, TrendMicro, Vectra Networks, Webroot, Rapid7, Keeper Security

Please reach out to hear more about the ecosystem Ireland has to offer.


Ireland: The Tech Company and Talent Bridge To and From Europe

In this episode, ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin has a full house with four guests on the show.

Join Sara Hill, SVP Advanced Technologies from Enterprise Ireland, Alan Mc Glinchey, VP Technology from IDA Ireland, Eoin Keary, CEO of edgescan, and Nollaig Heffernan, Director of Product Delivery for Waratek as they look at the increasingly-challenging threat landscape and the growing information security market.

As the RSA Conference in San Francisco provides an environment that invites and attracts welcomes individuals and companies from all over the world, Sean explores what it’s like bringing Irish-based companies abroad to do business in the US. Flipping the coin to the other side, they also talk about the value of extending a non-EU company's reach into the EU via Ireland; one of the leading value propositions presented being the wealth of diverse talent available based in what will be the only English-speaking country in the EU after the UK exits the Union.

With Ireland playing a pivotal role in the EU's presence in the tech industry, Sean also asked the group to share their thoughts on the pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); what it means to be compliant, and the need for organizations to take data protection seriously - starting now.




vintegrisTECH manufactures innovative systems and applications for digital certificate issuing and management, legally binding digital signatures, and robust authentication. Its flagship product is nebulaSUITE, a comprehensive solution for guaranteeing digital identity, authentication, and secure access, as well as its own Certification Authority (CA). vintegrisTECH’s clients include leading banks, insurance, health, retail, government, and public-sector organizations.




Indegy protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error, by providing visibility and control. Our solution offers the most advanced Industrial Cyber Security Platform for security and operations teams in industrial companies empowering them to detect attacks and implement compliance and change control policies.