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We can all agree that technology has had a tremendous impact on our society and our everyday lives. Most of the time, we find it has made our lives easier; sometimes, however, not so much. The average tech consumer does not know how their gadget works nor what it takes to bring them the digital experience they've grown to expect. What matters to most is that their "things" are easy to use, convenient, efficient, and, more recently, ‘secure’.

With An InfoSec Life, we take a moment to explore the intersection of society and technology. Here you'll find InfoSec professionals explaining how they view the work they do, how technology changes the way they live, how it impacts humanity, and vice versa. Our mission is to humanize the technology and processes that IT security professionals employ as they have devoted their livelihoods to protecting the world’s systems and information. We’ll find out what keeps them up at night, and how they tackle new challenges on a daily basis - both professionally and personally. What drives them to impact society through technology? It's all here in An InfoSec Life.

Topics of Interest

Defending Against Defender Fatigue
Mental Health and Wellness Programs
Cybersecurity Awareness and Awareness Training
Operationalizing Security for a Better InfoSec Life
Changing the Stigma Associated with a Breach
What Keeps the InfoSec Army Up at Night?

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An InfoSec Life Chronicles

An infoSec life podcast series


Robert Feeney from Edgescan shares tips w/ Sean Martin to help researchers stand out

In this new episode of An InfoSec Life, Robert Feeney, a senior security consultant at Edgescan, speaks to fellow security researchers and security consultants about what they can do to differentiate themselves from the pack; how can they excel in the industry. In addition to speaking to his peers, Robert shares a lot of solid information that should help the managers of these individuals working in the industry as well.

Of the topics presented, events and organizations were a key part of the conversation, especially given that this chat took place during OWASP AppSec USA 2017. Robert highlights that it is important to join groups like ISACA, ISC2, and OWASP and to also attend their events: national, regional and local events. Robert also suggests that it’s important to move beyond basic event and conference attendance and to consider speaking at these events as well.

Arleena Faith shares her story, telling Sean Martin how she joined the ranks in cybersecurity

In this special episode of An InfoSec Life, Sean Martin has the pleasure of speaking with Arleena Faith, a software security professional, an application security advocate, and active member of the ISSA and OWASP communities.

Arleena tells us about her journey into cybersecurity, touching on some of the key milestones she reached, the challenges she faced, the associations and individuals that gave her hope and support along the way, and a view into her current role. A truly gifted and inspirational individual whose goal is to raise awareness for cybersecurity,

Do you have a risk management champion at your company? Why not?

Having been a CISO for a fortune 100, a mid-tier enterprise, and a smaller 3rd-party vendor, Jack Jones of the FAIR Institute tells Sean Martin how organizations can successfully begin to approach risk and apply proven risk management principles. It all starts with a common set of terminology and is lead by a champion within the organization. As a CISO, proper risk management can be used to change the binary conversation surrounding InfoSec into one that leads the business toward better decision making and away from simply blaming a CISO for some cyber risk exposure.

Are We Selling - And Therefore Buying - Information Security Wrong?

Rick McElroy from Carbon Black and Ted Harrington from Independent Security Evaluators sit down with ITSPmagazine's Sean Martin to discuss threat modeling, infosec planning, cutting through the marketing noise, the need to trust but verify, the value of assess and measure, and how critical it is to focus on the things that matter.

Jeremiah Grossman shares his personal advice about living - and even dying - at the intersection of IT Security & Society. 

Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne, talks with Sean Martin from ITSPmagazine about living our lives securely - and passing on securely - as the digital world continues to evolve. Get Jeremiah's personal tips on home network security, password management, and more, in this exclusive ITSPmagazine An InfoSec Life interview. If you've never heard of someone getting "chipped".... tune in here to learn more.

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An Infosec Life Articles

John Pendleton, Core Security, chats about being Cyber-Aware and the need for early Cyber Education

John Pendleton, Regional Sales Director, Core Security, chats with ITSPmagazine's editor-in-chief, Sean Martin. Here are a few points discussed during the conversation:
- The Internet of things and connected device risk
- Privacy concerns for society's willingness to share personal information
- The need to embrace diversity and promote education and cyberawareness, early and often
- Is a lack of funding putting small businesses at cybersecurity risk? Can the community help?
- The value of ISSA local meeting and other community-oriented associations